Locations of Cimmeria: Lake Astacol and Amapsau Marsh

Lake Astacol

Lake Astacol was the home of the Goblin god, Crayfish. It lived within the lake fed by magical springs. While Crayfish lived within Lake Astacol the Long Pearl River provided irrigation for the lands to the east. When the Olympians invaded Poseidon fought with Crayfish. Their fierce battle split the earth and the river in two. The Long Pearl River fractured into the Long River in the north and the Pearl River in the south. Tomak’nax, the city at the Long Pearl’s head was also split in two as well. Now two rivers and an eight mile stretch of soggy land separate the two halves of the city. The two halves of Tomak’nax stay connected by the Cableway, an enormous cable ferry between the two cities.

While the Crayfish deity was defeated by Poseidon, Lake Astacol remains home to many crayfish. These animals provide a valuable source of protein for the goblins of Tomak’nax. The crustaceans are caught for export as well, either alive or preserved in one fashion or another. Lake Astacol is calm, but difficult to sail on due to the bumpy low bed beneath the water. This landscape creates an ecosystem that supports the abundant crayfish, but also causes many boats to run aground.

Amapsau Marsh

Amapsau Marsh is a large estuary fed by the water coming off the northern side of the Himalayas. Built in the trees of an old-growth forest on the marsh’s northwestern edge is the goblin city of Niloctus. The goblins of Niloctus rely on the marsh for their food and for special animal and plant products they export.

There is a hidden orchard within Amapsau Marsh that grows silver apples. This orchard is a twin to the golden apple orchard at the Pillars of Hercules in the west. The location of the orchard is a closely guarded secret of Nilcotus to ensure their valuable treasure is not stolen by others. In addition to having an obscure location the orchard is rumored to be guarded by a powerful monster.


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