Setting the Stage Episode 11 – Darin and Aellorah

This week I interviewed Darin about his campaign world of Aellorah. Aellorah’s cosmology has only seven celestial bodies and no stars besides the central sun. Four planets orbit the sun and two moons orbit the main planet of Aellorah. There are seven goddesses for each of the celestial bodies and each of the planets has seven races on them for each of the goddesses. Aellorah, the main planet, has races based off of mammals like the typical D&D world. As there are seven goddesses the number seven is an important concept throughout Aellorah with seven parts to each day, seven days per week, seven weeks per month, and seven months per year. There is also an outside force that seeks to destroy the harmony of Aellorah, the evil god of the Void. This demonic entity sends goblins and orcs to destroy the peaceful life of Aellorah, using the evil races as vessels for its infernal power.

Here is a map of Aellorah.


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