Characters of Cimmeria: Sivirdm

Sivirdm Deephome was a masterful Svirfneblin assassin who served as one of King Jevaninada II’s Enforcers. He was honored with dragovinian status, but lost it during a raid on Bigby’s Forest. Major Dactirian tasked Sivirdm with recovering the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy along with the other former dragovinians. He succeeded and claimed his freedom from the Rebellion. Sivirdm now seeks the perfect weapon for himself, Korm.

Sivirdm grew up in the Underdark beneath Xoria. As a young adult his home was affected by the slave raids during Queen Regent Anajakaze’s reign. Sivirdm joined the other defenders of his home. He became adept at hunting the slavers in the dark, taking them out one by one. Sivirdm’s particular skills were well recognized in the Svirfneblin community. He began to accept commissions to assassinate other Underdark denizens. Soon, this work was all he did as it proved far more lucrative than defending his homeland.

Sivirdm’s work brought him financial success, but he wished for more than just money. He wanted power and a challenge. He saw his chance to gain both by working for the Xorian King. All the power he could ever want and the hardest targets he could ask for. Sivirdm came up with an unusual method to gain King Jevaninada II’s attention. He snuck into the King’s bedchambers, held a dagger to the royal throat, and said, “Would you like to hire me to hold this knife upon your enemies’ instead of you?” Jevaninada accepted Sivirdm’s offer and he was turned into a dragovinian.

Sivirdm worked as one of Xoria’s Enforcers. With other Enforcers he hunted down Rebels and dissidents to bring them to justice. Sivirdm killed when necessary, but he preferred to take his targets alive. His living captives would be brought before Blendegad for execution and consumption. Sivirdm’s greatest challenge was finding the Rebellion’s base in Bigby’s Forest. He entered the woods with Gregor, Stanton, and Wu Lang Li. Rather than exposing the Rebellion, they were captured. Apollo performed a miracle and they were returned to their mortal states, but without any memories of their previous lives. Sivirdm was no longer an Enforcer. Instead he was drafted into special service with the Rebellion army.

Sivirdm reluctantly worked for the Rebellion for a few months. They collected the missing pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy that could restore health to a poisoned god. Sivirdm served the Rebellion, but not without malice and mischief. Everywhere he turned he looked for ways to disrupt the world around him. His sadism was blunted only by the rationality of the other former dragovinians.

Sividrm’s old life as a dragovinian caught up to him when Tagenadi and Amalius ambushed the former dragovinians. They sought revenge on Stanton for his past crimes. Amalius brought Korm to assist his vengeance and Korm saw the perfect wielder in Sivirdm. The dagger manipulated the little halfling to create an obsession in its mind. Sivirdm lunged for the dagger, but Amalius destroyed his left hand in response. Sivirdm survived, but the unnatural desire for Korm remained.

Soon the former dragovinians completed their task of finding the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. Done with their work, they left the Rebellion and headed east. Sivirdm split off to search for Korm. Hiring spies and diviners, he eventually tracked it down to the Orc Lands. Sivirdm went east to find the weapon he believed he was destined to possess.

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