Characters of Cimmeria: Stanton

Stanton was a vicious dragovinian halfling Enforcer who served directly under King Jevaninada II. An expert in enchantment and illusion magic, he easily controlled people to get whatever he desired. The Rebellion captured him when he attempted a raid on Bigby’s Forest. Stanton lost his dragovinian status and was pressed to serve the Rebellion. Major Dactirian tasked Stanton with recovering the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy along with the other former dragovinians. During this mission Stanton was marooned within the Lich Shade by Amalius and Tagenadi for his past crimes. He was saved by Wu Lang Li and returned to being a dragovinian. Stanton was killed soon afterward by Barakah during the Battle of Nox.

Stanton was born as an albino halfling in the small Xorian halfling village of Toadstool Leaf. He and his younger brother, Jingo, got into all sorts of mischief as they grew up. They stole, played pranks, and were a general nuisance around the village.

Stanton’s behavior took a darker turn after he hit puberty. His magical powers developed alongside his body. His natural talents inclined towards enchantment magic, but Stanton had no restraint in how he used it. He clouded the mind of his teenage crush and raped her. Fearing that she would report his actions after the enchantment broke, Stanton murdered her, but that still left a body and evidence. Stanton prepared to run away when Jingo found him. He begged Jingo to come with him, but his brother refused.

Stanton’s dark mind saw another pathway to preserve his position within the village. He invaded Jingo’s mind and forced him to confess to the town elders the next day. Jingo was imprisoned instead of Stanton. The younger brother used his skills to escape jail and he fled the village with only the clothes on his back. Stanton dodged punishment, but he found he could no longer wished to stay in Toadstool Leaf. He left soon afterwards to wander Xoria.

Stanton supported himself during his journeys with his magical abilities. He weaved illusions to trick people out of their money or he just outright stole. He gained a large amount of cash, but it passed through his fingers quickly as he spent it on good clothes, food, wine, and companions. The need for more and more money continued until he stole from King Jevaninada II’s tax collectors in Crafterton. The Rebellion was suspected, so Enforcers were sent out to track down Stanton.

The Enforcers found Stanton, but they could not capture him. As soon as any approached him, Stanton used his sorcery to turn them to his will. Those which kept their distance returned to Jevaninada to report what had happened to their comrades. In a rare case, the King himself came to deal with Stanton. Jevaninada was immune to Stanton’s magical control, but he saw the albino halfling’s potential as a powerful servant. Jevaninada offered Stanton life as a dragovinian and the half-sized criminal accepted.

Stanton became an Enforcer for King Jevaninada II. With other Enforcers he hunted down Rebels and dissidents to bring them to justice. His magic skills allowed him to easily infiltrate a Rebel cell once it was discovered. He could then identify all the local Rebels before other Enforcers came in to wipe them out. The perks of employment brought him all the luxuries he could ever want and a steady supply of prisoners let Stanton indulge his lurking sadism. Of particular note were the harrowing punishments he inflicted on Tagenadi and Amalius.

Stanton’s greatest challenge was finding the Rebellion’s base in Bigby’s Forest. He entered the woods with Gregor, Sivirdm, and Wu Lang Li. Rather than exposing the Rebellion, they were captured. Apollo performed a miracle and they were returned to their mortal states, but without any memories of their previous lives. Stanton was no longer an Enforcer. Instead he was drafted into special service with the Rebellion army.

Stanton reluctantly worked for the Rebellion for a few months. They collected the missing pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy that could restore health to a poisoned god. Stanton returned to the mischief he’d engaged in as a child, using his talents to trick and inconvenience many people around him. Unfortunately, for the albino his past caught up to him before he was free of the Rebellion’s shackles. Tagenadi and Amalius found Stanton and enacted a cold vengeance for his dragovinian crimes. They marooned him within the Lich Shade.

Stanton’s imprisonment was only temporary. He was discovered by Wu who had returned to being a dragovinian. Stanton was freed and restored to his previous dragovinian status as well. The pair served King Jevaninada II once more as his Enforcers. They opposed the Second Alliance until they were both slain by Barakah during the Battle of Nox.

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