Setting the Stage Episode 10 – Bob and the World below Azbymn

I talked with Bob about his campaign, the World below Azbymn. Azbymn is the realm of the gods and the sun god, Menora, is currently on her death bed. As Menora slips deeper into her sickness, the world is likewise affected by an illness that brings insanity and death. To stop it, the PCs must find a weapon capable of killing their own patron deity to free the world from her curse.

Bob uses the Faerun map for his campaign, but with his own names, locations of interest, and countries superimposed on it. Bob has also dabbled in paid DMing which comes with experience in a lot of 5th edition’s most popular modules as well as the Guilds of Ravnica setting. During our talks we touched on a lot of different topics, with a quick sprint through how to approach racism in your game.

Map of Faerun
Bob used Faerun’s map for coastlines, rivers, mountains, forests, etc. The city locations, points of interest, and names have all been changed to match his concept of the World below Azbymn instead of the Forgotten Realms.


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