Xorian Wars: Alliance and Rebellion

During my previous D&D campaign I posted a summary of each session on to the Order of the Stick Forums. It was a great writing exercise and a very useful tool for referring back to events from previous sessions.

The log details the third campaign set in Cimmeria. The campaign was split into two halves, Alliance and Rebellion. Alliance followed the adventures of high-level members of the Second Alliance, fighting against the evil Xorian Empire. Rebellion followed the escapades of a group of low-level adventurers pressed into helping the Rebels fight the Xorian Empire by collecting pieces of an ancient prophecy.

The campaign log on the forums had a decent following. I think at the end I had about 500 people reading each of the updates, but almost zero audience interaction. I was always a little disappointed that I got people reading about the campaign, but not a lot of people talking about it.

While writing the campaign log I put links to the blog here when relevant. One of my eventual plans was also to duplicate the campaign log on to gocorral.com as well. For one, this would place the log in multiple places for preservation reasons. Secondly, the log was never proofread and it shows.

So coming soon, I will be posting the Xorian Wars: Alliance and Rebellion campaign log to gocorral.com. With each of the entries I’ll also be trying to post more Characters of Cimmeria and Locations of Cimmeria as we come upon things that are featured within a specific session.


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