The Dragon Hegemons: Red and Blue

Red: Invernix and Sartoria

Invernix and Sartoria were a mated pair with Invernix as husband and Sartoria as wife. They ruled in the Northern Terror Mountains around Horror Peak. Invernix was slightly stronger and took a more active role in managing the red dragon realm. He even got involved in the activities of other dragon hegemons if he felt they were insufficiently managing their dominions.

Invernix suspected the black dragons of working with the bronze dragons to take some of his territory. He investigated the swamp of the black dragons and found a bronze dragon prince, Danar of Sheerzen, attempting to civilize the swamp. Invernix entered the marsh and began burning settlements to provoke Danar or the black dragons. Kovan’rorshac and Pithwatolzar were extraordinarily apathetic towards Invernix’s actions, but the same was not true of Danar. The prince allied with an enemy of his, Eathirilu to attack Invernix. The attack failed. Seeing what a headache Danar could be, Invernix forced the mortal to swear an oath to return to Sheerzen, hoping he would be a headache for Rilopenaril and Langudina.

Invernix and Sartoria’s actions during the Dragon War were impactful, but unremarkable in the grander scheme. They lasted until the end of the war and led their children in the final push east. Sartoria was imprisoned within the Red Dragon Orb and Invernix was set to guard her. Tentineh placed the Orb in Greshendale to protect it and power his city. Danar entered stasis to return when the Orb was broken.

The red dragon pair were released during the Second Alliance War by Amalius. The psion thought the red dragons were unfairly imprisoned, so he orchestrated their release. The pair returned to their old home in the Terror Mountains to try and rebuild their kingdom. Danar was revived as well, but he dealt with the dragovinian menace first. After the Second Alliance War concluded, Danar returned with Hektor, Tagenadi, King Mero II, and Alabaster to kill both Invernix and Sartoria. He gave the heads to King Mero II of Mars’ Oasis to safeguard them and prevent a second revival.

Blue: Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv

Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv were husband and wife. They ruled over the Shacklack Desert during the draconic occupation of Cimmeria. During the Dragon War, the blue dragon couple trained their children to fight on the front lines. Their dragon flight was one of the most difficult for Dragon War Heroes to defeat. They shared the fate of the other dragons when they were sealed by the Dragon Orbs. Bavastatner acted as the guardian of the Blue Orb until it was broken during the githyanki invasion of the Material Plane. Bavastatner reestablished his rule over the Shacklack Desert, reigning until his death at the hands of Amalius Halkias.

Due to Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv’s revival by the githyanki, his biography warrants its own page. You can read more about them at this link.


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