Characters of Cimmeria: Anajakaze

Queen Anajakaze of the Amazons led her people to their greatest heights in Cimmerian history. Born of an Amazon and Zeus, she was raised in secret until one of the many wars between Xoria and Dradelden brook out. Anajakaze became queen and ended that war by marrying King Jevaninada. The might of Xorian and Amazon forces conquered half of Cimmeria. Anajakaze ruled as regent for her infant son after Jevaninada died. She reformed the government to be more respectful and accepting of women. When he son came of age Anajakaze refused to relinquish power. Prince Jevaninada II took power by force and Anajakaze died in the process. While her reign had good and bad points, it heralded a dark time in Cimmeria’s history as the evil dragovinians came into power after her death.

Anajakaze was born as a gift to Hera. Zeus wished to create an apology for all the times he had strayed from his marriage with Hera. To make it up to her, Zeus planned for a matriarchal kingdom that would encompass most of Cimmeria. The kingdom would expand women’s rights and be a beacon of progress for those watched over by Hera. This kingdom needed a queen with divine blood. To create this queen, Zeus laid with Anajakaze’s mother, Fintsala, and impregnated her with his divine offspring.

Anajakaze was raised in secret due to her divine features. Zeus’s blood had granted her an exemplary physique, a quick mind, and a pair of unmistakably angelic wings. To avoid spoilation of his plan, Anajakaze was raised by dryads under the foliage of King’s Copse. The dryads taught Anajakaze law, justice, and reason so that she would be a good leader. They also taught her how to wear armor and use a spear so that she would have the power to take the reins of leadership from whoever stood in her way. When Anajakaze came of age she was one of the most capable individuals in all of Cimmeria.

Zeus supplemented Anajakaze’s strength with a divine bodyguard, the Seven Rages. Each of the Seven Rages was a being of immense power. They were named Ire, Protean, Tempest, Mayhem, Havoc, Wrath, and Grave. Each was a temporary reincarnation of a mortal from the Age of Heroes.

Anajakaze’s time to shine came during the war between King Jevaninada I of Xoria and Queen Chrilethia of the Amazons. Chrilethia had just failed to besiege Petar. To recover her losses she invaded King’s Copse where rumors said a great wealth was hidden. Unfortunately for Chrilethia that wealth was in talent, not gold. Anajakaze and the Rages slaughtered Chrilethia and the Amazons that entered King’s Copse. The Amazons that did not enter the forest mourned their queen and retired to Dradelden to host the tournament that would decide their next sovereign.

Anajakaze left King’s Copse and entered the Amazon tournament of arms. Her training bore through and she easily attained victory. The Amazons crowned her as Queen Anajakaze. She immediately took over the war between the Amazons and Xoria, but the violence between the nations was about to end.

King Jevaninada snuck a troop of soldiers into Dradelden by disguising them as slaves. The Xorian troops opened the gates for the main Xorian army. During the fighting King Jevaninada and Queen Anajakaze went missing. After a night and a day of chaos King and Queen reemerged over the city of Dradelden. They called for a stop to the hostilities. They delivered a joint speech, declaring that a new empire would be forged with Amazons and Xorians working together. The fighting quickly descended into an orgy due to magical influence. The King and Queen were married with the Seven Rages in attendance.

Queen Anajakaze pushed her husband to continue aggressive wars despite Xoria’s exhausted state. They started by attacking Colchis to the north. The Rages burned the Colchian fleet and the Amazons provided the Xorian army with supplies. With these advantages King Jevaninada pushed into Colchian territory. After a few short years Xorian forces captured the city of Colchis, but Colchis Castle remained independent. The Seven Rages entered the castle and emerged with King Aeëtes bound under a powerful spell. Colchis was added to the Xorian Kingdom.

Anajakaze continued to direct Jevaninada on more targets. Makotako was easily conquered. Semanarie was next, but the small town did not go quietly. Many of the citizens fled into Bigby’s Forest to join the Rebellion. After Semanarie was Gazeara. The Gazearans repelled the Xorian armies with their goat cavalry. Jevaninada was embarrassed and infuriated.

Xorian expansion encountered an interruption when the First Alliance was formed by Tarigananta, Antapike, and Amalgami. Anajakaze sent the Rages to attack the First Alliance founders but her assassination attempts failed. Ire and Havoc were killed. The Alliance preparations continued and they invaded Xoria from several directions. King Jevaninada and Protean were slain during the first battle of the war due to offensive magic cast by Amalgami’s companion, Salzar. Queen Anajakaze stepped in as Regent for her unborn child.

The First Alliance War continued with casualties on both sides. The Alliance got the upper hand in territory. Colchis and Jeutontic had rebelled. Cecilia was taken with Persian assistance. Makotako was under attack by Salzar’s magic forces. That all changed with the betrayal of Amalgami. He killed Leopold, the guild leader of the mercenary clerics he had hired. Amalgami killed Salzar and Salzar’s cohort, Greyski. Amalgami offered the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords and a few other artifacts he had collected from the battlefield as well as the corpses of his former allies and the corpse of Jevaninada to Queen Anajakaze. In exchange, Queen Anajakaze pardoned Amalgami. He went into exile in Persia, leaving behind a devastated and demoralized Alliance.

The Alliance continued to fight. Makotako was taken and the Alliance marched on Petar. The Amazons arrived on the field and defeated the Alliance troops. Duke Prusu, Anigama, Antapike, and Tempest were all slain in the fighting or executed. King Willard of Aractrash and King Archidamus II of Sparta were ransomed back to their countries in shame. The First Alliance War was over and Queen Anajakaze sat on the throne of Xoria.

Anajakaze had a grand vision for her new kingdom that required funding. This money came from Jeutontic. Grave turned the body of Havoc into a vampire and gave him control of the rebellious city. The shining trade city quickly devolved into a dark vampiric hellhole. Thousands of slaves were captured from the races of the Underdark that lived beneath Jeutontic, both to satiate Havoc’s bloodlust and to trade for Queen Anajakaze’s war chest.

After giving birth to her son, Jevaninada II, Queen Anajakaze pushed the army to attack Gazeara. Without the leadership and magical powers of Anigama the city fell. Tectoctar was attacked in the same year. The city burned and its citizens were dispersed or enslaved. Next was Crafterton. The halfling city’s engineered defenses were overcome by superior Xorian numbers. The army marched on Sheerzen as well. Sheerzen surrendered at the sight of the Xorian army. Gazeara, Crafterton, and Sheerzen were integrated into Anajakaze’s Xorian Empire while Tectoctar was replaced by a new colony dubbed Jevanicia.

The Queen’s next task was to restructure the Empire to the advantage of women as Zeus had intended. Male lords of the various Xorian cities were replaced with women. The Queen dissolved most of the Xorian army and allowed her Amazons to keep the peace. Slaves from Jeutontic spread throughout the Xorian Empire to work the fields and mines. Peace and prosperity spread across most of the Empire, especially for female citizens.

Anajakaze’s rule was challenged by revolts. A group of men rose in revolt in Nox. The revolt quickly spread to other cities. Anajakaze conscripted women from throughout the Empire to deal with the problem. She managed to quell the masculine rebels, but rumors of a Rebel force in Bigby’s Forest continued. Anajakaze ordered the forest burned. The spirits of the forest emerged and defended the forest from the flames of the Amazons. The flames turned upon the people who had lit them. The forest survived and the Amazons suffered many casualties. Additionally, a large slave revolt broke out among the Underdark races that missed the comforting closeness of their underground tunnels. This revolt was put down by the Xorian army and Queen Anajakaze’s rule was secured.

In time King Jevaninada II came of age, but Queen Anajakaze refused to surrender the Regency. After several confrontations, Jevaninada II turned to violence. He attempted to assassinate the Queen with the assistance of the last two Rages, Wrath and Havoc. During the battle an unexpected presence arrived, Blendegad the Reaper. The divine dragon beast easily killed the Queen and the two Rages. Queen Anajakaze passed and the world grew darker as Blendegad’s dragovinians rose to take her place.

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