Cimmerian Timeline Part 45

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898BCE: The people of Nox rose up against the draconic descendants of Sadroston. Without Shivara and Tikanile to reinforce their reign, the half-breed tyrants were swiftly removed. Tachydorn’s grandchild, Kaeltotath, claimed the throne, but he had little popular support.

882BCE: King Kaeltotath found his control over Nox quickly slipping away. Without the threat of the dragons, the common folk began to wonder why they needed a king, especially one whose ancestors had worked for the dragons, albeit unwillingly. To appease the commoners, Kaeltotath created a senate composed of members from the most influential families of Nox. The Senate would advise the king and draft policy for his approval.

867BCE: King Kaeltotath passed away peacefully. His weak-willed daughter, Trigonora, ascended the throne, but in truth power now lay with the Nox Senate.

863BCE: The Nox Senate continued to exercise executive authority, taking over more and more of the simple duties they’d left for the monarch. Queen Trigonora feared the Senate would soon abolish the monarch altogether. She sent a request for help to her cousin Queen Jasaetuparth of Jeutontic.

861BCE: Queen Jasaetuparth brought her armies to Nox. The Nox Senate initially attempted to resist, but then fled the city. Queen Jasaetuparth and Queen Trigonora celebrated their victory and toasted to their continued alliance.

860BCE: The Nox Senate organized their supporters in the towns and villages surrounding Nox. A civil war played out between the Royals and the Senatorials.

859BCE: A junior Senator named Xorius rose up to lead the Senatorials in the Nox Civil War. With Xorius at the head the Senatorials defeated the Royals and reclaimed Nox for the Senate. Precedent still required a king for the government to function. Xorius accepted the crown from the Senate, starting a new dynasty in Nox.
Trigonora and Queen Jasaetuparth retreated to Jeutontic.

827BCE: King Xorius of Nox died in the Githyanki attack without children. The crown passed to his much younger brother, Forigata. King Forigata claimed Xorius as his family name, effectively starting their line with his brother.
Prior to becoming king, Forigata made several statements about the Nox Senate being an unnecessary institution. The Senate was prepared for war, but King Forigata surprised them by swearing that he would respect the Senate and abide by their decisions.

801BCE: After ten years of King Forigata’s rule without Githyanki influence it became clear that his oath to respect the Senate was two-faced. Over two dozen Senators had died since his ascension, but Forigata had replaced none of them. The Senate was slowly dying out.
A cabal of Senators and their allies formed to force the king to appoint new Senators.

800BCE: King Forigata discovered the Senators plotting against him. He had them arrested and executed. The Nox Senate roll call became that much shorter.

798BCE: King Forigata appointed members of her aristocratic families to important administrative positions within the kingdom. These positions functioned as bribes to keep those families from trying to attain Senate appointments.

792BCE: King Forigata passed away. At his death only three Senators remained in office. Forigata’s son, Cristonton, ascended to the throne of Nox. King Cristonton continued his father’s policy towards the Senate.

780BCE: The last Nox Senator died. All legal power in Nox now laid with King Cristonton.

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