Early Kingdoms Done, What Next?

With the style change done and the Early Kingdoms period mostly completed for my D&D blogging, what’s next? There’s 300 years of history to cover between the Days of Kruk-Ma-Kali and the current campaign year. While it might make sense to just start from Kruk-Ma-Kali’s death and work towards ~400BCE, I actually think it’d be easier to go in the other direction.

There’s a whole lot of recent history I’ve covered in the Cities of Cimmeria descriptions. What happened to a current king and that king’s father and grandfather, that kind of thing. These events were originally created by me as background information for current events in my D&D campaign. Now I can slap them on the timeline and call them history.

My original plan had been to work on updating the Cities and Characters of Cimmeria pages to reflect the current state of my D&D campaign. Some of those descriptions were written more than ten years ago and could use updating to reflect the events of the campaign (and to make the language a bit more mature in certain places).

I’ve decided to not update those pages right now (with a few exceptions) because I know I’d have to do it again after finishing the timeline stuff. All the extra history I write would include stuff I’d want to pack into the Cities of Cimmeria section. I don’t want to do the job twice, so I’ll save it for a later date.

I’m going to forge ahead with more recent events! So the stuff I’ll be focusing on next includes:
The founding of Gazeara and communist revolution.
Harbinston history with Burne, Sherlock, and Sherry.
Mars’ Oasis founding by the Roman Legion that circled the back side of Gaia.
Xorian history which might need a connection to the line of Sadroston that ruled in Nox and their tainting by the white dragon primarchs.
Aractrash history
Shalemstead history
Petar history
Amazon defeat by the Persians and their migration to Dradelden as their main home (similar to Portuguese during Napoleon’s invasion).
Nomingburg evolution from survivalist town to infighting den of assassins.

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