The Days of Kruk-Ma-Kali Part 13

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Kruk-Ma-Kali’s tomb was eventually found and raided by the Second Alliance. The Alliance members sought Kharad-khor, having heard rumors of its magical power to win battles. The traps and creatures of the tomb were defeated by Tagenadi, Torin, Amalius, Aldarian, and Terroc. At the end Terroc claimed the sword and revealed himself as a secret agent of the dragovinians. With Kharad-khor in hand he teleported away to the Xorians.

King Jevaninada II had hoped to use Kharad-khor in the same manner that the Second Alliance had, as a weapon of war. Unfortunately, the spirit of Kruk-Ma-Kali was impossible to reason with. The hobgoblin ghost would be wielded by a hobgoblin or by no one. Frustrated by the sword’s obstinance, Jevaninada threw it into the Caspian Sea. Jevaninada assumed that no one would never see the sword again as it sunk to the bottom of the sea floor, but even in the water there are creatures that can wield swords.

The sahuagin of the deep found Kruk-Ma-Kali. The powerful psionic ghost dominated his wielder. With his mind in control all he needed was a strong host. His wish was granted when the sahuagin brought him to the Brute, a massive sahuagin mutant altered through divine rituals to be stronger and faster than any mortal should be. Kruk-Ma-Kali easily controlled the mutant’s frail mind. He declared himself king of the sahuagin and executed enemies until the sahuagin people agreed with him.

Still wishing to be wielded by a hobgoblin, Kruk-Ma-Kali organized a sahuagin attack on the surface. The shark people would be his spear as he conquered in a path leading to the Hobgoblin Lands. The sahuagin attacked Bradel Fields and penetrated the city walls. The Second Alliance troops fought the sahuagin while Danar, Eathirilu, Tagenadi, Amalius, and Hektor engaged the Brute. Their combined assault defeated the fearsome creature and Hektor reclaimed the sword for the Second Alliance.

Kruk-Ma-Kali still proved unusable. He served the hobgoblin cause, not the wishes of the Second Alliance. With no room for negotiation, Hektor stored Kharad-khor in his portable hole for a time. The sword was retrieved by Amalius in a trip to Erebos. He used the soul of Kruk-Ma-Kali as a bargaining chip for Hades’s assistance in the war against Xoria. Hades claimed the soul of Kruk-Ma-Kali and at last the Hobgoblin Emperor was truly dead.

While Kruk-Ma-Kali was gone, the story of Kharad-khor does not end there. The Sword of War will be wielded by several others in history. In the future the god of death will ensure that the Bloodthirster finds its way into the hands of Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Attila the Hun, Duke Otho of Bavaria, and Vlad Dracula. Kharad-khor will assist them in their wars as he assisted Kruk-Ma-Kali, sending more and more soldiers down to the House of Hades.

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