After the Dragon War: The Dungeons

The Heroes of the Dragon War pooled their resources to erect defenses around the Orbs of Dragonkind. They decided that five of the Orbs would be defended in the same location by a nearly impassable obstacle. The other five Orbs would be hidden separately within dungeons that the Heroes would build and protect.

Shratalanda designed a hidden dungeon deep within the Aractrashan Jungle. She set psionic guardians and traps around the dungeon which would drive people away by trickery or by force. This dungeon would house the Brass Orb.

Danar designed a dungeon in the Underdark beneath his kingdom of Sheerzen. The dungeon had no entrances, only being reachable by passing through hundreds of feet of solid rock. He achieved this with the help of Rhinston, the earth elemental that had given Danar his bronze eye. Rhinston gave Danar a troop of earth elementals to guard the dungeon. In addition to these protectors, the draconic king enchanted many of his cousins to guard the dungeon for all time. This dungeon would house the Bronze Orb.

Toffoun and Jovy coordinated with the Dwarven Kings to build a dungeon at an unknown location within the Terror Mountains. While many dwarven nobles were involved in the dungeon’s construction, none of them ever revealed a single clue about the dungeon’s location or its defenses. All took the secret to their graves. This dungeon would house the Gold Orb.

Tentineh and Bigby built a dungeon beneath the sands of the Shacklack Desert. They built many magical traps and created golem and plant creatures to guard the dungeon forever. Additionally they used magic to appear as gods before various tribes that lived in the desert. With their disguises they gave divine commands to the tribes to keep outsiders away from the area above the dungeon. This dungeon would house the Blue Orb.

Amalgami designed an aquatic dungeon in the swamps of Demeter’s Garden. The entire dungeon existed in the muck and slime beneath the surface of the vast marsh. Amalgami worked with the other Heroes and incorporated elements from each of the other dungeons in the defense of his dungeon. Additionally, he protected the final chamber by a set of doors that could only be opened by a few riddles of Amalgami’s own creation. His dungeon would house the Copper Orb.

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