Characters of Cimmeria: Korjak


Korjak is a half-orc and is the vessel for the Nordic god, Baldr. Korjak was a Lieutenant in the Rebellion army and he nominally led the four dragovinian mortals, Gregor, Sivirdm, Stanton, and Wu, during their quest to reclaim the lost pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. He grew to like his traveling companions more than the Rebellion leadership. After the completion of their quest he resigned his command and left with Gregor and the others to reunite the orc tribes in the east.

Korjak grew up a half-orc outcast in human lands. Once he was of age he headed west, hoping people there would be more accepting of his orkin blood. Traveling out of Cimmeria, his hopes were dashed by the prevailing racism of the human tribes in Denmark. The local Geats forced Korjak to join the social pariahs of their land as well. While living among the other outcasts, young Korjak got frustrated and slew a human in a fight. The town guard would’ve arrested Korjak if his newfound power had not revealed itself. Korjak had absorbed the soul of Baldr, Norse god of plants and immortality, from the man he killed. He used Baldr’s power to escape the town guard before heading back east to Cimmeria.

Korjak finally found acceptance in Xoria. As an outcast he gravitated towards the unsavory parts of urban communities. It was there that he joined the Rebellion against Xoria. He moved quickly through the ranks due to Baldr’s assistance. Soon he found himself commanding one of the most important squads in the history of the Rebel army, the converted dragovinians.

Korjak is a gruff tactician. While he initially distrusted the converted dragovinians in his band he learned that he could count on them in a pinch. He protected them from threats as he was able on their quest to reclaim the Druid’s Prophecy. Korjak is a skilled combatant on his own, but when the power of Baldr flows through him he literally becomes an unstoppable god. While this power is potentially limitless he is still learning to master it.

During his journey Korjak became enamored with Gregor’s vision of a land for free and united orc peoples. Knowing that he would have a place in that country at Gregor’s side, Korjak left the Rebellion to help his friend realize his dream to unite the Orcs of Eastern Cimmeria.


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