Characters of Cimmeria: Gregor


Gregor is one of the four dragovinian Enforcers restored to his mortal form by Apollo. He traveled with Sivirdm, Stanton, Wu, and Sergeant Korjak to recover the four missing pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy for the Rebellion. During this journey Gregor proved to be a ferocious combatant, but often attempted to solve problems with diplomacy rather than violence. After recovering the Prophecy pieces Gregor and his companions parted ways with the Rebellion. They traveled into the east to reunite the orc tribes.

Gregor was born in the northern Orc Lands. Little is known about his childhood. Gregor was a formidable warrior by the time he was initiated into adulthood by the tribe. His strength and fighting skill continued to grow until he became chief of his tribe. Gregor was no dumb brute like the other orc chiefs though. His shaman-like wisdom matched his titanic strength.

Gregor planned to cultivate influence among the other orc tribes and form a united orc nation. He battled, schemed, traded, and plotted his way to a position of power over more than half the orc tribes. All seemed well until a band of magically enhanced slavers attacked. The orcs were physically strong under Gregor’s leadership, but their magical power remained feeble. The slavers attacked Gregor’s personal lieutenants, threatening everything he’d built. Gregor threw himself at the slavers. He killed many and protected his people, but in return he was captured.

The great orc was taken west and sold into the fighting  pits of Xoria. Gregor fought his way through all his opponents. Beasts, men, monsters, and even dragons, all were slaughtered by Gregor’s claymore. The barbarian of the east was taken to the greatest arena in Nox to fight for the entertainment of King Jevaninada II. The King took notice of Gregor’s talent. The orc’s undefeated record in the pit was rewarded with a place at the King’s side as a dragovinian Enforcer.

Gregor enjoyed the luxury, freedom, and continued opportunities for violence that came with his Enforcer role. He zealously sought out traitors to the Xorian Empire and dealt with them appropriately. Lingering in the back of his mind was Gregor’s desire to unite the orc tribes. His impulses were suppressed by his cragovinian nature, preventing action during the years he served the Xorian King.

Gregor was sent into Bigby’s Forest along with three other top-level dragovinian Enfrocers, Sivirdm, Stanton, and Wu, to root out the base of the Rebellion. The four of them were captured due to the divine intervention of Apollo. He restored them to their mortal forms and stripped away their memories. Their natural tendencies remained, pulling most of them to immorality and vice.

Gregor traveled with Sivirdm, Stanton, Wu, and their military commander, Korjak, to retrieve the lost pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. They successfully found the four missing pieces and returned them to the Rebellion leaders. Along the way, Gregor met an orkish necromancer named Ratigon. He recognized Gregor and vowed to be a harbinger, heralded his return to the Orc Lands in the east.

With his quest to find the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy completed, Gregor headed into the east with Sivirdm, Korjak, and Reggy. They plan to reunite the orc people and make Cimmeria tremble for the injustices they have heaped upon those considered to be inferior.


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