Characters of Cimmeria: Hektor Rackgard

Another PC coming at you! This character is played by my friend who goes by Middle_Snu on the Internet. We worked together on writing his backstory so he deserves equal credit for what you see here.


Hektor Rackgard is a powerful wizard and a key figure in the Alliace and the Exiles that split off from the Alliance, secretly maintaining a place in both groups for a time. Hektor’s magical expertise lies in summoning, shapeshifting, scrying, and quick elimination of foes through a number of offensive but not necessarily lethal means.

Hektor Rackgard was born to a minor noble of the small Aractrashan town, Lakatia. His father wished to advance his family in anyway possible. He saw an opportunity in young Hektor’s voracious appetite for books. Hektor’s father hired more than a dozen tutors for the boy along with an instructor in magic. Hektor learned much from his other tutors, but he enjoyed his magic lessons best. Hektor’s talents grew until he was noticed by the King’s Court. Hektor moved to Court and gave advice on all matters along with the other counselors there. He ascended to the coveted position of Archmage of Aractrash at a startlingly young age.

When Hektor’s father died, he assumed the title of Count of Lakatia. With his new title, Hektor felt added responsibility to protect the people of his town, on the northern border west of the Aractrashan Jungle. He perceived the Xorians as the greatest threat, due to their constant expansion and past failures to contain them. Hektor pleaded with King Ballard repeatedly to join the war, but Ballard refused. He would not risk the lives of his countrymen unless he saw an absolute need to do so. Hektor resigned as Archmage and left the capital filled with anger and frustration. He decided that if King Ballard would do nothing, then he would take matters into his own hands.

Hektor joined the Alliance himself and has been rendering them magical aid ever since. Hektor was instrumental in bringing the city of Dorrowsan over to the Alliance by supposedly defeating the city’s leader, The Great Lump, in single combat. Hektor would’ve lost, but Amalius and the Bjorn of Dalleer secretly assisted him and turned the tide of the duel. Hektor assumed lordship of the city, but passed it onto Kig Yupington. Dorrowsan was taken east to train its citizens outside of Jipangu.

Hektor took the side of the exiled Alliance Council members during their hearing. He continues to render them aid whenever he can. Alongside the Exiles, Hektor defeated the Bane and the blue wyrm Bavastatner that plagued the people of Mars’ Oasis. Hektor thankfully evaded participation in the release of Sartoria and Invernix from their prison in the Red Orb of Dragonkind. With his reputation intact he was able to secure the entry of Aractrash into the war on the Alliance’s side.

After bringing Aractrash into the war, Hektor ceased keeping his relationship with the Alliance Exiles a secret. He now openly works with them, hunting down pieces of prophecies that they hope will bring an end to the dragovinian race that dominates Xoria.


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