The Division: Game Review

On a friend’s recommendation I purchased Tom Clancy’s The Division, that some people are calling a “Loot Shooter”.

I’d been wary of The Division due to a few reviews I’d read of it. Fortunately, all of the problems I read about are gone!

Zero latency issues. The game crashes occasionally, but I’ve come to expect that from Ubisoft, so it doesn’t phase me.

The tutorial missions no longer have any of the snafus that were present at launch.

Most of the enemies in the game take a believable amount of bullets to eliminate. Only the elite enemies take more, AS THEY SHOULD! If they took the same amount of damage to eliminate then they wouldn’t be elite enemies would they?

I’ve just tasted the end-game content and it is definitely the most exciting part of the game. The mix of PVE and PVP is amazing and tons of fun.

The Division is a lot like other FPS games. You run around, you shoot bad guys, you throw grenades, etc.

What sets Division apart is the loot and the cover.

Division has a complicated loot system, kind of like Diablo. Killing more powerful enemies gives you better loot which can be used to kill stronger enemies, repeating the process. There’s also a crafting system.

The cover system and AI interaction is the core of the gameplay. You NEED cover to survive. Without it you will be shot down in seconds. Even with cover, the enemies will try to exploit it by surrounding you or chucking grenades to get you to abandon your defenses. Moving is important and having your allies provide suppressing fire while you move is also important.

Cover AND super AI turrets.
Cover AND super AI turrets.

The cover system makes the game way more fun to play with your friends or a party of randos you meet online. If you’re looking for a cooperative shooter to play with your friends, Division is the game for that. The end-game also looks cool where you can wolf pack to take down other players in a free-for-all.

But what about the plot? That’s what I really care about in a game most of the time. The plot of The Division is so interesting that it deserves its own separate blog post. That should be posted soon after this one!


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