Gurutama Timeline Revising Part 4

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1979 BE: Tortuga was expanded and became both a land and a sea fortification.

1872 BE: Trebor spoke to Izquitl. She told him the time for war had come! The avians founded the city of Nanatok on the northwestern edge of the Lower Maw to widen their reach and an avian army organized in Hrududu to combat the Landwalker threat.

1821 BE: After losing the fortress of Tortuga to an organized avian assault, three merfolk armies were conscripted. Two marched on Tortuga and swiftly retook it. The third army defended Drolfo’s Cove from reprisals.

1764 BE: Continuing skirmishes between the avians and merfolk taught the avians a lesson. Their armies developed new tactics and military organization that were the envy of all subsequent races.

1543 BE: The dwarves built the city of Silver Top and the world’s mountains continued to grow.

1317 BE: The eternal give and take war between the avians and merfolk reached a turning point when tragedy struck the avian people. Their immortal prophet, Trebor, was slain while overseeing the armies’ performance in stormy weather. A bolt of lightning sprung from the clouds and Trebor’s religious talisman attracted the blast. He fell down upon Cui-Xoloc, his body coming to rest in the market square of Zener’hro. The avians held a grand funeral in their prophet’s honor. They were convinced that the storm was sent by some dark magic of the merfolk. Their hearts hardened as they prepared for a true war.

1296 BE: After noticing a lack of decisive action for several years on the part of the avians, the merfolk increased their offensive operations. Landers chopped down a large number of trees in the Eastern Hrududu. The area turned into a marsh due to its still considerable yearly rainfall. Some True Merfolk and Landers settled in the marsh.

1165 BE: A vast swath of land in the northeast froze over. This land became known as the New Ice. The humans living in that region, the Alrador, became adapted to the cold. They made a special blue paint out of the mushrooms that grew in the forest. They painted their bodies with elaborate designs before engaging in battle with other tribes. All humans continued their violent existence. The volcano served as the focal point of their brutality. Men, women, and children were thrown into its boiling depths and shamans of the Najar Valley drew strength from its sinister glow.

1013 BE: The southern Red Peaks sprung up. The range grew by feeding upon the human souls thrown into the Najar Volcano.

922 BE: The Cold Woods continued to grow.

765 BE: The Books of Dwarven Legend foretold the ripening of the world within the cycle. Gurutama had ripened and taken shape. Now the books demanded action. Following the sacred instructions contained within, the dwarves formed a society amongst themselves known as the Kenracktopar, the Harvesters. Each Kenracktopar carries a ring identifying his superior status among dwarvenkind and, in their opinion, the kind of all mortals.

-Mister Ed

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