How I Played Dawn of Worlds

The map I made of Gurutama using Campaign Cartographer.
The map I made of Gurutama using Campaign Cartographer.

Dawn of Worlds can take awhile to play and time is valuable.

My friends are spread out all over the state. We get together in person very rarely and when we do, we want that time to be well spent.

While Dawn of Worlds is fun, it isn’t the most fun we can be having when we are together physically. We played Dawn of Worlds over the internet instead.

We set up an email thread for each of the three ages as we played. I am the usual DM and organizer for our group so I managed the email thread and game while we played.

I rolled the dice to decide how many points each person got and to decide the order in which we’d influence our growing world.

I also created a map which was updated to match the events of each turn.

I created the map using a cool program specifically designed for creating fantasy maps called Campaign Cartographer.

We played slowly over a couple months and by the end we had several thousand years of history for our world.

I’ve told you a little about the world and I plan to tell more in future posts.

Just a short post for tonight though! That’s all!

-Mister Ed

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