Setting the Stage Episode 17 – Garrett and Pyrim

Garrett talked with me about his setting, Pyrim. Instead of being a whole world, Pyrim is a single city built on top of a dwarven mining town. A civil war was stopped in the town by four brave heroes, but it cost one of the heroes her life. To consecrate her resting place the remaining three heroes placed three blessings on Pyrim. Water always flows, crops always flourish, and no one can die in combat within the city walls. This garden of Eden has attracted people from across the region to settle in Pyrim and take advantage of its gifts. Recently the town was taken over by a cult that broke the blessing of combat and now control the water supply. With an iron grip on water the rest of the town is enslaved by the threat of dying of thirst. Garrett also does an excellent job of weaving in conspiracies that involve PC relatives and friends.

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