Setting the Stage Episode 16 – Thesi and Saared

Thesi tells us about his world of Saared, an archipelago surrounded by an impenetrable wall of water shooting up into the sky. Saared is ruled by the Terrace, a floating city that monopolizes all magic within the islands. The people of Saared have lost a strong connection to the gods, so they must rely on themselves to defeat the Terrace. A rebel organization known as Cloudfall opposes the Terrace from a moving fortress ship, the Hoard. The PCs in Thesi’s world are close to defeating the Terrace which also open up the water walls around the archipelago. Soon Saared will be joining a wider world and involving themselves in an even greater conflict with the void tears that afflict the rest of the realm.

Here is a map of Saared.

If you’re interested in being on the show or known someone who might be check out to learn more!


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