Locations of Cimmeria: Terror Mountains

The Terror Mountains are home to many monsters. Most notable are the domineering dragons. White dragons rule the western facing portion of the ridge. Red dragons are in the center. Silver dragons oversee the high peaks in the east. The slopes are dotted with caves and tunnels to provide dwellings for the numerous brutish giants that call the Terror Mountains their home. Civilization is all but absent except for the dwarven kingdoms of the Mountain and Deep Dwarves.

The Mountain Dwarves are spread throughout the Terror Mountains. They live near the surface to tend their flocks of sheep and the mountain grains grown for fermentation. The Mountain Dwarves are led by High King Torngar. He recently came to possess the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords which gives him the right of rulership over all dwarves. Torngar reigns from Highhold, a beautifully constructed capital buried at the base of Horror Peak. At the zenith of the mountain is Hephaestus’s forge in the caldera of the volcano.

The Deep Dwarves reside in the lower reaches of the earth beneath the Terror Mountains. King Deekgaon rules the Deep Dwarves and serves High King Torngar as General of the Dwarven Army. The Deep Dwarves often contend with the other Underdark residents. Previously they did so alone, but the reunification of the dwarf races has given Deekgaon’s people sorely needed allies.


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