Locations of Cimmeria: Neeshvale and Staketon


Neeshvale is a small village. Unlike most villages in Cimmeria it is not affiliated with a city-state. It serves as a supply post for trade between Bigby’s Forest and Sheerzen.

The village was recently conquered by an orc necromancer named Ratigon. He had been exiled from the Endless Autumn orc tribe in the Orc Lands. He made his way west until he found Neeshvale and conquered it with his undead minions. Ratigon lived off the villagers for a time until Gregor passed through. The necromancer bowed down to the orc king and vowed to serve him. Gregor demanded that Ratigon go back to the Orc Lands and spread news of his return. Ratigon did as commanded and left Neeshvale in peace.


Staketon is a small village north of Bigby’s Forest loosely affiliated with Gazeara. The village serves as a supply post between Bigby’s Forest and Sheerzen.

The revived dragovinians of the Rebellion passed through Staketon on their way north to recover a piece of the Druid’s Prophecy. At the same time as the revived dragovinians came through the village, a vampire also attacked. The villagers initially blamed the travelers, but the revived dragovinians were able to perform an investigation and discover the true killer. They defeated the vampire and the villagers were able to continue their peaceful existence.


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