The Dragon Hegemons: Silver, Brass, and Copper

Silver: Jimarohzaj and Falron

Jimarohzaj and Falron were twin sister and twin brother hegemons of the silver dragons. They ruled in the Eastern Terror Mountains of Cimmeria. During the draconic occupation of Cimmeria the pair interbred with the different humanoid races and many half-dragon offspring populated their dominion. The twins were affectionate towards their humanoid and dragon children and encouraged them to work together. The humanoids often rode on the backs of their full-blooded cousins.

This familial partnership proved immensely useful during the Dragon War. The silver dragon flight’s synergistic combat style challenged the Dragon War Heroes at every turn. The flight was led by Jimarohzaj and the mysterious Dragon Rider with a winged helmet. The raids of the silver dragon flight were so devastating that many civil authorities considering surrendering and ending their support of the Dragon War Heroes. Tentineh organized a response and the Heroes managed to surprise the silver dragon twins. Falron was imprisoned in the Silver Dragon Orb and Jimarohzaj was set to guard him. The Dragon Rider escaped into the Dominarie Mountains and was never found.

The Silver Dragon Orb was stored at Greshendale. Tentineh entered stasis to return when the Orb was broken. The Orb remained at Greshendale until the city’s fall during the Second Alliance War. Talon the Cerebremancer of Greshendale retrieved the Silver Orb and used it in his resistance movement against the dragovinians. After the Second Alliance War concluded he kept the Orb and disappeared into the Terror Mountains with Jimarohzaj.

Brass: Forsoman and Hazorshrakan

Forsoman was the father of his daughter Hazorshrakan. Together they ruled the Orc Lands of Cimmeria. They created many half-dragon children with the goblins in the Orc Lands, but rarely interbred with the orcs. One of their goblin children, Blackheart, was influenced by Shratalanda to provide motivation for Amalgami and Toffoun during the Dragon War. The heroic pair were forced to form an army to defeat Blackheart’s army. This mortal army earned the ire of the dragons and was one of the inciting incidents of the dragon war.

The brass dragons were one of the first to fall at the start of the Dragon War. Hazorshrakan was imprisoned within the Brass Dragon Orb and Forsoman was set as her guard. The Orb was then used to control the brass dragon to fight on the side of the Dragon War Heroes. After the war Shratalanda built a hidden dungeon deep within the Aractrashan Jungle. She placed psionic guardians and traps around the dungeon which would drive people away by trickery or by force. This dungeon housed the Brass Orb of Dragonkind. Shratalanda entered stasis to return when the Orb was broken.

Copper: Blathorwa and Thaionzao

Blathorwa was the mother of her son Thaitonzao. Together they ruled the lands between the Black River and the Great Divide. The area was sparsely populated at the time, but the copper dragons enjoyed the natural beauty of their domain.

Blathorwa and Thaitonzao fought together during the Dragon War alongside their cousins. In time they fell to an assault where the Dragon War Heroes used the Orbs of Dragonkind to control the white, black, and brass dragons. Blathorwa was imprisoned within the Copper Orb and Thaitonzao was set to guard his mother.

The Copper Orb was initially entrusted to Bigby. Unfortunately he was captured by Eathirilu during the fighting in the Dry Woods. Before he was imprisoned, Bigby used the Copper Orb to warn the other Heroes of the Dragon War that an attack was coming. With preparations in place, the Heroes were able to drive back the assault, free Bigby, and reclaim the Copper Dragon Orb.

At the conclusion of the Dragon War Amalgami designed an aquatic dungeon to safeguard the Copper Orb in the swamps of Demeter’s Garden. The entire dungeon existed in the muck and slime beneath the surface of the vast marsh. Amalgami worked with the other Heroes and incorporated elements from each of the other dungeons in the defense of his dungeon. Additionally, he protected the final chamber with a set of doors that could only be opened by a few riddles of Amalgami’s own creation. With his work complete the Lightning Knight entered stasis, only to return when the Copper Orb was broken.


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