The Dragon Hegemons: White and Gold

White: Shivara and Tikanile

Shivara and Tikanile were a wife and husband pair that ruled over the Western Terror Mountains of Cimmeria. The two were active in spreading draconic influence and their own bloodline across their dominion and beyond. They organized a mutually beneficial alliance with King Aeetes of Colchis. They defiled the line of Sadroston with their own blood and placed their offspring on the throne of Nox. The refined cruelty of Shivara and Tikanile led to the Heroes of the Dragon War targeting them first. They were bound by the White Dragon Orb at the war’s start.

During the draconic hegemony Shivara and Tikanile coronated one of Sadroston’s weakest children, Tachydorn, as King of Nox. The stronger of Sadroston’s remaining descendants were taken back to the white dragons’ lair at Doom Peak. The white dragons changed their forms and mated with their captives to produce human-dragon crossbreeds. They were raised by Shivara and Tikanile. Their draconic parents taught them magic, combat, and an icy hatred for their human ancestry. After they reached maturity the white dragon children of Shivara and Tikanile were sent back to Nox to act as viceroys for the draconic couple.

The pair were imprisoned by the creation of the White Dragon Orb at the start of the Dragon War. Tentineh trapped Tikanile within the Orb and set Shivara as his guard. King Aeetes took over as the leader of the white dragon flight for the remainder of the Dragon War. Unfortunately for him, the White Dragon Orb’s dominating power caused the white dragons to fight on the side of the Heroes of the Dragon War as often as they fought for the dragons’ side. After the war Tentineh placed the Orb in Greshendale to protect it and power his city. Gorwinua entered stasis to return when the Orb was broken.

The Orb remained at Greshendale until the city’s fall during the Second Alliance War. After the crash the White Orb was retrieved by the Xorians and stored in the Museum of Power. Shivara joined the defenders of the Museum, but not as a living dragon. Blendegad drained her blood and Shivara rose again as a vampiric white dragon.

Shivara fought on Xoria’s side during the Battle of Nox. She was defeated by Barakah, but as a vampire she could not be killed easily. The White Orb was taken from the Museum of Power by the Second Alliance. Danar destroyed the Orb and killed Tikanile when he was freed. Danar did this to revive his old friend, Gorwinua. Her voice was needed in a ritual to restore Zeus to full health. Gorwinua returned and did what was needed to end the dragovinian threat. After that she disappeared rather than resume her vigil. The bodies of Shivara and Tikanile were moved to Mars’ Oasis for storage and protection. There they stay, impaled and tortured so that they may never rise to dominate the mortal races again.

Gold: Agohimano and Hontalawi

Agohimano was the older brother of his sister Hontalawi. They ruled the Caspian Sea, its coast, and its islands. During the initial draconic occupation of Cimmeria, the gold dragon pair slew the elvish queen Ktihania. While they controlled the Caspian they sought to amass wealth and to do good with the lightest of touches so that their people would not be reliant on them.

Agohimano and Hontalawi’s actions during the Dragon War were impactful, but unremarkable in the grander scheme. They lasted until the end of the war and led their children in the final push east. Hontalawi was imprisoned within the Gold Dragon Orb and Agohimano was set to guard her. To house the Orb, Toffoun and Jovy built a dungeon at an unknown location within the Terror Mountains. While many dwarven nobles were involved in the dungeon’s construction, none of them ever revealed a single clue about the dungeon’s location or its defenses. All took the secret to their graves. Jovy entered stasis to return when the Orb was broken.


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