Characters of Cimmeria: Chirrigar

Chirrigar was a fire giant and the Great Lump, the dictator of Dorrowsan. He created the ice city using a piece of quartz and a magic scepter from a dragon’s hoard. Chirrigar used the scepter to control the people of Dorrowsan, but he never had a particular aim for this power. Out of boredom he challenged the Second Alliance to a duel. The Alliance members cheated and killed Chirrigar while preserving the appearance of a fair duel. Control of Dorrowsan passed to the Alliance Council Member, Kig Yupington.

Chirrigar had a normal giant life until blue dragons attacked his tribe. He tended the desert plants and animals. He joined his tribesmates in raids on other communities in the Shacklack. When the blue dragons came, Chirrigar was knocked out during the first lightning barrage. He awoke to find his family and friends murdered and their treasure collection stolen. He vowed revenge before leaving the devastated village to wander the desert. During his time in the sweltering heat Chirrigar became delirious. He saw visions of possible futures which guided him to the instrument of his vengeance.

Chirrigar’s chance for retribution came when he found a silver and bronze scepter. He picked up the rod and felt tremendous power flow into him. He went to the cave of the dragon that had slain his tribe and killed it in return. Chirrigar claimed the dragon’s hoard for himself and then left the Shacklack Desert to avoid the wrath of the blue dragons.

Guided by his previous visions, Chirrigar set out to found a new city in Cimmeria. First, he spread the dragon’s wealth across Eastern Cimmeria. He told stories of a new city he was founding east of the Aral Sea. After a few months he went to that location and planted a large piece of quartz he had found in his dragon treasure hoard. The quartz grew into the stunning ice city of Dorrowsan. The city was linked to Chirrigar’s scepter, allowing him to control the city’s environment. People flocked to Chirrigar’s new city and the wonders of a magical settlement.

Initially Chirrigar formed Dorrowsan to replace the family and community that had been taken from him by the blue dragons. Unfortunately, he found the company of lesser races unsatisfying. Everything was at his fingertips in the ice city, but without someone to share it with Chirrigar’s life felt empty. To entertain himself the fire giant began playing jokes on his subjects. He organized then into hierarchical colored groups with no rhyme or reason to the different colors. He made ridiculous demands of them to play the colors against each other. He even compelled the citizens to all take a morning bowel movement together outside of the city walls. None of these jokes provoked a reaction from the citizens of Dorrowsan. In Chirrigar’s tribe pranks were met with a laugh, a clap on the back, or sometimes a fight. Here, all he found was sullen obedience and downcast eyes.

To bring excitement to his life, Chirrigar entered the Second Alliance War. He used the scepter to physically move the icy city towards Dalleer. Upon reaching the city he challenged the Alliance to single combat. The Alliance would send forth a champion to fight the Great Lump. The winner would gain control of both Dalleer and Dorrowsan. Hektor of Lakatia represented the Alliance and engaged Chirrigar. During the fight the spectators’ vision was obscured by a wall of stone. Chirrigar defeated Hektor within the wall, but at that moment Amalius and the Björn stepped in. With their combined power, they defeated and beheaded the Great Lump. Hektor emerged from the wall of stone with Chirrigar’s head in his hands.

The scepter that controlled the city was given to Kig Yupington. He moved the city east to Jipangu to train with other new recruits in the Alliance. After the Alliance won the war, Kig began accepting refugees of all kinds into Dorrowsan. He also began undoing the Great Lump’s harmful programming that had created a needlessly hierarchical society. Kig foresees a shining paradise in Dorrowsan and will work tirelessly to achieve it.


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