Characters of Cimmeria: Antapike

General Antapike was a prominent commander serving the Xorian King Demotinira. There were no great wars during Antapike’s tenure as a Xorian general, but he was greatly involved in politics. During the succession crisis that followed Demotinira’s death Antapike falsely executed Princess Tarigananata. In truth, he escaped with her to form an opposition to King Jevaninada I. Unfortunately, the opposition movement failed. Antapike died in the fighting and few now remember his name.

Antapike was born the first son of a family that was once a Nox Senatorial house. He used his position to join the military officer corps. He served during King Demotinira’s long and uneventful rule. Antapike was involved in some small skirmishes on the western border of Xoria. In one of these battles he slew the mortal vessel of Thor and absorbed the god’s soul into his body. Antapike made no secret of this newfound power, giving him an even greater position at the royal court. Antapike rose through the ranks until he was a general advising King Demotinira.

When King Demotinira died he named his eldest daughter Princess Tarigananata as his successor. Despite this, Prince Jevaninada convinced the courtiers and lords of Xoria to consult the Oracle at Delphi before crowning Tarigananata as Queen of Xoria. The Oracle returned the prophecy that Tarigananata would let a rampaging demon into the land of Cimmeria twenty years after her father’s death. General Antapike suspected that Jevaninada had arranged a bribe to the Oracle to gain the prophecy that benefited the Prince most. Tarigananata was supposedly executed, but in reality she escaped with Antapike’s aid.

General Antapike spent several years traveling with Princess Tarigananata. They sought out political alliances everywhere while attempting to keep her identity secret. The Oracle’s prophecy soured many potential allies in their quest to build a coalition to reclaim the Xorian throne. Eventually the duo made contact with Amalgami’s adventuring party. With renewed vigor they formed alliances, gathered capital, and purchased mercenary contracts. This union would later be known as the First Alliance of Cimmeria.

The First Alliance of Cimmeria initiated revolts in Xoria and attacked the outlying cities. Antapike and Princess Tarigananata led the Jeutontic army to Cecilia for a joint attack with Persian allies. Antapike and the Rage, Mayhem, were killed in the battle for Cecilia. The port city was taken by the Persian allied forces, but they refused to open the city gates to other members of the First Alliance. Amalgami, Atreides, and Salzar teleported to Cecilia and evicted the Persian army. Antapike was resurrected to fight once again.

Unfortunately, Amalgami’s betrayal ruined the First Alliance’s momentum. The deaths of a few prominent Alliance members ruined their hopes for victory. Antapike fought on for his Princess. Makotako was taken and the Alliance marched on Petar. The Amazons arrived on the field and soundly defeated the Alliance troops. Antapike was slain in the fighting. Princess Tarigananata escaped to organize the resistance movement to Queen Anajakaze and later on, the dragovinians.

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