New Podcast Concept

I’m starting a podcast! Hurray! More weird D&D content!

The podcast is called Setting the Stage and will be interview episodes where I talk with a guest/co-host about different campaign settings for D&D or other RPGs. There are two types of episodes.

In the first type of episode I’ll be chatting with one of my friends about an established setting. That might be an official setting like the Forgotten Realms, an unofficial one like Kingdoms of Kalamar, or a setting from another piece of media like Tolkien’s Middle-Earth or Martin’s Westeros. These episodes are on how to use the setting for a campaign and what RPG system would work best to play it.

The second type of episode, I’m more excited about. I’ll be interviewing different DMs from the RPG community about their homebrew campaigns. I sent out a survey and got lots of responses from people who want to be interviewed. It’s a chance for everyone to share what they’ve created to a wider audience as usually homebrew D&D content doesn’t go beyond a DM’s personal group. The guests can share stuff they’re proud of as well as things that didn’t work so well. It’s a great opportunity to showcase their material and provide advice for other people listening to the podcast.

The survey is still live at if anyone reading this would like to fill it out out. There’s also a Discord server I made to organize interviews and discuss the podcast episodes once the project is more developed. That server can be joined here:

I’ve recorded the first episode on Tolkien’s Middle-Earth with my friend Will. That episode has been uploaded to the podcast RSS feed and is available for download. The feed is indexed with all the major podcast distributers like Apple and Google, so it should appear in searches. Just don’t confuse the D&D Setting the Stage podcast with the wrestling podcast with the sand name. You can also access the podcast by clicking on this link (which doesn’t work on Safari for some reason):

If you’d like to help the podcast grow the best thing you can besides listen is to review the podcast on the service you used to download it. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the show!


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