Characters of Cimmeria: Xorius and Forigata


Xorius was a young Senator of Nox during the Nox Civil War. He was born to a rich family and when his father passed away Xorius took his place in the Senate. He led the Senatorial side to victory over the Royals and expelled Queen Trigonora from the kingdom. Rather than transition to a full republic, the Senate voted to continue the constitutional monarchy with Xorius as King. He assumed the role and started a new dynasty in Nox.

King Xorius ruled well for thirty years. He established equitable taxes on the people and the nobles and put Nox in an excellent economic position as Cimmeria emerged out of the shadow of draconic occupation. Xorius had little interest in romance and love. He died during the githyanki invasion with no children to succeed him. The crown passed to Xorius’s much younger brother, Forigata. King Forigata claimed Xorius as his family name, effectively starting their line with his brother.


King Forigata of Nox came to power under unfortunate circumstances. King Xorius was killed during the githyanki invasion of Cimmeria. Forigata succeeded his brother during the githyanki occupation of Cimmeria and spent the first fifteen years of his rule following the dictates of the Lich-queen. The iron fist of the githyanki was eventually loosened due to the heroic work of Tracy and the Gish Trio. The Draco-Gith War and the banishment of the Lich-queen opened up a hole for Forigata to act. He led a revolution in Nox that took back the city for the humans.

Forigata had never been a friend of the Nox Senate. Prior to becoming King, he made several statements about the Senate being an unnecessary institution. The Senate feared with power finally in Forigata’s hands that another civil war would be required to secure their republic. King Forigata surprised them by swearing that he would respect the Senate and abide by their decisions.

After ten years of King Forigata’s rule without githyanki influence it became clear that his oath to respect the Senate was two-faced. Over two dozen Senators had died since his ascension, but Forigata had replaced none of them. The Senate was slowly dying out. A cabal of Senators and their allies formed to force the king to appoint new Senators. King Forigata discovered the Senators plotting against him. He arrested and executed them. The Nox Senate roll call became that much shorter.

King Forigata appointed members of the aristocratic families to important administrative positions within the kingdom. These positions functioned as bribes to keep those families from trying to attain Senate appointments. The threat of Amazon pillages kept the common people pacified as they looked to their King for protection.

Finally, King Forigata passed away. At his death only three Senators remained in office. Forigata’s son, Cristonton, ascended to the throne of Nox. King Cristonton continued his father’s policy towards the Senate which died out a few years later.

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