Characters of Cimmeria: Condrofalspeth

Condrofalspeth was a half-elf descendant of Sadroston. He resettled Jeutontic after its collapse during the draconic occupation of Cimmeria. The city’s resurgence caught the attention of King Croshan of the Dark Elves who began aggressively raiding Jeutontic and the nearby villages. Condrofalspeth organized a defense force for the city-state and a flight of mobile aerial cavalry using griffons, hippogriffs, and pegasi. The resistance to Croshan’s raids earned Condrofalspeth the ire of the Drow king. Croshan attacked Jeutontic itself and while he was unable to pillage the city, he did succeed in slaying its leader. Condrofalspeth’s heirs continued to protect the city after his death.

Condrofalspeth grew up with a small piece of Sadroston’s reputation. The renowned hero left many children and Condrofalspeth did not stand out from the crowd during his youth. Like the other descendants, he was given more respect than he’d earned, but it made little difference in his life. Condrofalspeth only became a man of true note when he organized the people of Western Cimmeria to resettle Jeutontic.

Jeutontic had become a ruin after the draconic occupation. The town’s original purpose, to trade with the Elves of the Whitewood, disappeared as the dragons arrived. Croshan transformed the Whitewood Elves into Dark Elves and took them into the Underdark. There seemed to be little commercial reason for reestablishing a settlement on Jeutontic’s bones, but Condrofalspeth saw potential where others didn’t. There were many people that had been displaced during the Dragon War. Jeutontic could be their home. Additionally, while trade with the elves had evaporated, trade with the rapidly growing Assyrian Empire would be quite lucrative.

Condrofalspeth organized the resettlement of Jeutontic, but his people were soon threatened by Dark Elf raids. Condrofalspeth defended the growing city-state using his magical abilities while also organizing the citizens into a fighting force that could ward off Dark Elf attacks on their own. Within a few years the people of Jeutontic could defeat the Dark Elves in the field, but their enemies were faster within the Underdark. Condrofalspeth knew his people needed a faster method of mounting a defense. He journeyed north to the Terror Mountains and captured a number of pegasi, hippogriffs, and griffons. The caves along the walls of Gaia’s Navel proved excellent roosting zones for the transplanted aerial creatures. The aerials would be the mounts for Jeutontic’s flying cavalry force. They provided a strong defense for the city and a mobile guard for the caravans that came to Jeutontic with goods going between Cimmeria and Assyria.

Croshan hated Condrofalspeth’s new defense system. The Dark Elf leader organized a massive attack on Jeutontic to wipe the city from the face of the earth. The aerial cavalry proved effective against Drow warriors accustomed to fighting underground. Croshan’s strike failed to destroy Jeutontic, but it did claim the life of Condrofalspeth. The people of Jeutontic burned his body with honors and the rulership of Jeutontic passed to Condrofalspeth’s daughter, Queen Jasaetuparth.

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