Characters of Cimmeria: Davonisi

Davonisi was a powerful unseelie faerie who played a leading role in the Dragon War. She organized the fey and elves of the Dry Woods to fight for the green dragons. In the end she was defeated by the Heroes of the Dragon War. Davonisi went into seclusion until the dragovinians sought her out during the Second Alliance War. She returned as a second plague upon mortals but was slain by the Exiles before her evil had a chance to drastically impact the world.

Davonisi came into being in the shadows of the Dry Woods. She was there before the Olympians arrived, playing tricks and pranks on the goblins and other faeries. Davonisi was one of the eldest fey and over her millennia of existence she had gathered immense power in herself. The other unseelie faeries recognized this power and declared Davonisi their leader. She valued natural order above all things, so when the dragons established their dominion over Cimmeria, she gave no opposition. Dragons are the strongest creatures, so it was only right that they rule over all others.

When the Dragon War started, Davonisi stayed on the sidelines until Eathirilu asked for her assistance. Davonisi answered Eathirilu’s call along with the other unseelie fey. She joined his march through the countryside towards Phoenix. Davonisi’s fey scouted ahead and committed unspeakable atrocities against every mortal they encountered on the way. None were left alive to bring word of the army’s approach to Phoenix. Eathirilu was unsettled by Davonisi’s actions and began to wonder which side was truly just in the Dragon War.

Eathirilu and Davonisi’s forces approached Phoenix but were surprised to find the city well-defended. Their opponents had been forewarned. Eathirilu felt that the attack should be called off while Davonisi was vehement that they continue. The two argued and came to blows. Davonisi defeated Eathirilu in single combat and took command of the army. They assaulted Phoenix, but the defenses of the Heroes proved more than adequate. Davonisi’s forces were crushed, but she and Eathirilu escaped to fight another day.

Eathirilu and Davonisi patched up their differences and worked together to re-energize the Naturalist Elves. While he and many others feared the war was already lost, they were not prepared to surrender just yet. With a new army formed, Eathirilu followed the command of the dragons. They marched eastward with the rest of the draconic forces and burnt everything as they went. No settlement, no person, no blade of grass escaped the wrath of the dragons. Directly in their path was the old seat of the Conclave, Phoenix.

Davonisi’s disregard for mortal lives had no limits. The same could not be said for Eathirilu. Finally realizing the evil of those he served, Eathirilu left the dragon’s army. Many humans and elves left alongside him. Davonisi carried on and engaged the Heroes of the Dragon War in one final battle. In the end, the Heroes were victorious. Davonisi fled into the deepest corners of the Dry Woods and was not heard of again for centuries.

When King Jevaninada II came to power he wrought an alliance with Davonisi. She had always sought and followed power, and dragovinian status was just another path to her. Jevaninada II made her a dragovinian and bade her to serve him in protecting the ingredients of the Druid’s Prophecy that would resurrect Zeus. Davonisi went to Lemnos to guard the pieces of Hephaestus’s broken leg.

The Exiles eventually came looking for the prophecy reagent. Davonisi used her shapeshifting powers to oppose them. Each of her forms was defeated until she sucked the Exiles into Hell to continue the fight. The Exiles fought on in the Underworld, killing Davonisi and imprisoning her soul within a cage for Hades. She remains trapped in Erebos today, one of the few beings to die while in the Underworld.

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