Cimmerian Timeline Part 42

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More on the Aractrashan Kingdom’s founding.

552BCE: As Gollard grew into an adult he took an interest in the gold mines of Yuettencal. He learned the mining process and worked alongside the miners to understand their needs and desires. Gollard also practiced his swordsmanship against the threats of the Underdark. When he came of age he was declared captain of the guard.

551BCE: The Underdark races attacking Yuettencal’s mines spoke Undercommon during their raids to coordinate. Gollard learned the language by studying books and speaking with enslaved captives. He used his fluency to comprehend the attackers shouted commands during their attacks. Gollard turned back many Drow, Svirfneblin, and Duergar attacks using this information.

549BCE: A fearful Drow woman, Medrika, surrendered to Gollard and asked for his help. She’d stolen a clutch of alchemically modified spiders from King Croshan of the Drow. If Gollard could protect her, she promised to give the spiders to him. The young man was smitten with Medrika’s beauty. He agreed to protect her. Gollard and his subordinates defeated the Drow that had stalked Medrika through the Underdark and then took her to the surface.

548BCE: Medrika revealed that the spiders she’d stolen were redwire spiders, capable of spinning thread as strong as steel. She used these threads to weave redwire silk armor for Gollard. Gollard wore this armor into battle when King Croshan and his army attacked Yuettencal. Darnard, Khygantha, and Gollard led their people into the Underdark tunnels to drive the Drow back. With Medrika providing them information about Drow tactics, they were able to defeat the invaders.

546BCE: Gollard and Medrika had a daughter named Andima. Despite their love, Darnard forbade their marriage due to Medrika’s Drow lineage.

520BCE: Gollard fell in love with Chatkal, a nymph of the Aractrash Jungle. Medrika and Andima were set aside as Gollard slowly forgot about them.

516BCE: Darnard died and Khygantha followed him soon after. Gollard assumed leadership over Yuettencal. He married Chatkal. Zeus blessed the marriage by bestowing a golden crown upon Gollard. He became King of Yuettencal. Medrika and Andima left the kingdom, filled with furious jealousy at Gollard’s betrayal.

515BCE: King Gollard began a reorganization of Yuettencal’s administration and infrastructure. The city had grown organically, but the natural system could no longer support itself under the population increase of the last few decades. Chatkal gave birth to Prince Willard.

509BCE: Trade along the Aractrash River was threatened by ogres and Drow. King Gollard placed guards on every transport and at key rest stops along the river. Mercantile goods flowed faster and freer due to his influence.

503BCE: As Prince Willard grew he formed a close friendship with Kinderax, the family’s silver dragon. The boy and the dragon often walked together through the city.

494BCE: Prince Willard learned to fly on Kinderax’s back. The pair patrolled the Aractrash River, rendering aid as needed to the trade outposts established by King Gollard.

470BCE: King Gollard died of old age and Prince Willard the Dragon Rider ascended to the throne. King Willard declared that he was tired of the other cities of Aractrash benefitting from Yuettencal’s defense of the trade route without paying their fair share. He demanded that Lordodo, Satronwook, and Tetalya pay tribute to the greater city. The other cities prepared for war.

468BCE: King Willard achieved victory in the Aractrash Civil War by luring the other cities into a large set-piece battle. There he unleashed Kinderax and laid waste to the armies of Lordodo, Satronwook, and Yuettencal. The leaders of the other cities quickly submitted to King Willard. He declared himself King of Aractrash.

467BCE: King Willard married Vanasta, the leader of the Druidic Healing Guild of Lordodo and Tetalya. The marriage solidified his control over the Aractrashan city-states.

466BCE: Vanasta gave birth to Prince Ballard.

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