What next for D&D Mondays?

Yuettencal was the last of the Cities of Cimmeria posts, so what’s next for D&D Mondays?

I’m doing all my Gurutama work slowly on the Gurutama wiki. There will still be infrequent posts about that here but that won’t be my main goal with D&D Mondays.

I’m trying to develop the site into a storage place for my campaigns in Cimmeria. I’ve got a successful campaign log on Order of the Stick Forums. Unfortunately, my presentation of Cimmeria’s background info on the forums is either nonexistent or god-awful.

Instead of trying to improve the presentation there using the limited tools of PHP forums I’ll be presenting background campaign info here. This will help current and future readers of the campaign log as well as my players.

But what remains to be said about Cimmeria?

Three things:
1. Descriptions of NPCs. There are tons of them and with so many floating around its easy to get lost.
2. Descriptions of places on the map that are not towns or cities. What are the Elves of Valor’s Forest like? Who lives in the Dominarie Mountains? What about that Primitive Camp in the bottom right of the map?
3. Descriptions of past events. When I first started my campaign I left the history as a blank slate so it could be filled in later. My players and I have come up with some awesome stuff to fill that space, but the specifics of events and timing hasn’t been ironed out yet.

Since I’m most interested in doing more timeline stuff, so I will be taking on that challenge first.

Future posts on D&D Mondays will be about the timeline, perhaps with the occasional character or place description woven in as suits my preference. These updates will be posted permanently at the top of the website under the Cimmeria tab just like the cities have been.

Looking forward to doing new stuff!


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