Food on the Island

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The only picture of food from my vacation was taken on the airplane. This is WordPress, people! Not Instagram!
The only picture of food from my vacation was taken on the airplane. This is WordPress, people! Not Instagram!

Bois Blanc Island is an hour ferry ride from the closest grocery store in Cheboygan, Michigan which makes food hard to come by.

My extended family only stays on Bois Blanc for a month or two in the summer. The cottages are closed the rest of the year.

Any food left during the winter would spoil or be eaten by critters.

Every time we come to the Island we have to buy a bunch of food because there’s nothing left in the cottages waiting for us except a few nonperishables like flour and sugar.

My wife and I went to the grocery store and got EVERYTHING. Enough food for a week plus some extra.

Some things you can’t buy a week’s worth though, like peanut butter or mustard.

Inevitably we buy more food than we eat (buying less than we eat would be painful) and we end up with leftovers.

On the Island leftover food is given to your neighbors to use.

There are two places to get food on the Island, the Bar and Hawk’s Landing.

The Bar is a bar. It has food, drinks, shuffleboard, darts, a pool table, and a jukebox. Nothing unusual.

Hawk’s is a general store, gift shop, and restaurant all rolled into one.

The building for Hawk’s is split into two halves. The front is filled with tables for the restaurant. The back has the kitchen, the cash register, and the gift shop and store.

The restaurant serves breakfast and typical diner food like burgers, pizza, and fish and chips.

The gift shop sells Bois Blanc Island stuff. Shirts, mugs, honey made on the Island, poem collections about the Island, novels set on the Island, etc.

The general store sells gas station stuff like soda, beer, a few Tylenol-like things, and snacks. There’s also cereal, baking supplies, milk, and eggs.

The selection and prices are pretty bad, which is why most people bring food with them.

The only other source of food is a weekly farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market is the only source of fresh produce on Bois Blanc. Most of the stalls sell out within half an hour of opening.

Despite the lack of food options on the Island all the meals are fantastic because they’re shared with family.

-Mister Ed

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