Little Presents

A love note that my wife left on my bike while I was working.
A love note that my wife left on my bike while I was working.

My wife does sweet things for me all the time. This was a note she left for me on my bike while I was inside my lab working. She taped it around the crossbar. It had been raining a little bit, so when I went to my bike to go home the note had tiny wet spots on it. It was the best part of my day.

Last week we played a game. We went into the closet where it was super dark and made acrostic poems for each other with a flashlight. Acrostics are those poems where the first letter of each line spells something out.
Would be BOAT for example.

My wife and I have a thing for Tim Allen’s TV show, Last Man Standing. One of the most recent episodes focused on Tim Allen’s character’s non-observance of Valentine’s. His character feels like Valentine’s is a holiday invented by FTD florists and chocolate companies, and thus not worth actually celebrating. I’ve heard that same thing from a few of my friends before as well. “Why do I need a special day to show my love for my partner?”

The special day is nice because my wife and I try even harder to please each other with gifts, attention, and time spent together. We still do special things for each other every day.

Like, a month or two ago I made a scavenger hunt for my wife. I put little riddles all around the house. The solved riddle lead to the next riddle. The final riddle said that I had her prize, a new set of headphones for her.

Just wanted to remind you all that Valentine’s isn’t the only day for love, but there’s no good reason it shouldn’t be one of the more memorable ones.

That’s all!

-Mister Ed

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