An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the GoCorral.

I’m saying that more to myself than anyone else. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for awhile now. I post a lot of things on Facebook, hoping and praying that my friends will read them and then miraculously share them with their friends. Then the sharing will get around until a Very Important Person reads it and inevitably that VIP will recognize my value and worth as a writer or a scientist or a photographer and want to take me under their wing as sort of a Vice VIP. Unfortunately, the only posts on Facebook that get shared that much are chain letters.

My cousin has one of those Facebook chain letters going right now. The first five people to post “I’m in!” on her status and repost her status will receive a special gift from her this year. The catch is in the reposting. They have to do something for five other people as well. Just like in the movie, Pay It Forward. I hope my cousin’s status doesn’t end with a fatal stabbing like that movie did.

My plan for this blog is to post something once every weekday night about whatever I might be thinking about at the time. I’m a nerd who likes to play video games and read Greek and Roman classics, so those topics should come up pretty often. I’m also recently married, out of college, playing D&D, applying to grad schools, and hoping that VIP will notice me, as always. Some of my posts may be informative. Some of them may be opinions on politics or other conversational topics. Others might be fiction stories I’ve written. I’m also definitely planning on posting some of my D&D sessions here.

So… Let’s see how it goes!

-Mister Ed

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