Setting the Stage Episode 8 – Atti and Blades in the Dark

I talked with Atti about the Blades in the Dark system and setting produced by Evil Hat Productions. Blades is set in a gothic, steampunk ci ty centuries after an apocalypse closes the gates to the afterlife. Without a way to their eternal rest, ghosts wander a world where the sun and stars are gone from the sky. Blades has simple, narrative-focused mechanics for resolving action. The system is similar to Powered by the Apocalypse games, but with a new name, Forged in the Dark. It’s spawned many offshoots that tweak the rules to fit a number of different settings and play ideas from westerns to teenage school dramas.

If you’re interested in Blades in the Dark, the basic rules are available for free at this link:
Also the system has excellent integration into Roll20 and is easy to pick up and play online.

Here is a map of Blades in the Dark’s established setting world, the Shattered Isles.


2 thoughts on “Setting the Stage Episode 8 – Atti and Blades in the Dark

  1. I’ve been meaning to check this out. Would you say that Blades in the Dark could support a full campaign or would it be better suited for something limited to an adventure or two?

    1. We didn’t get into it during the podcast, but Blades definitely works for both. It varies between each person, but I really enjoy how the heists play out. There’s also a deep downtime system for what your characters do between heists.

      Each character is allowed one free downtime action between heists. Typically you’ll spend that action relieving stress by indulging in your character’s vice to recovery stress. Additional actions can be purchased with Coin. Coin is an abstract representation of wealth and currency that you get from completing heists. One Coin gets you one downtime action. Other actions include training to improve your character’s skills, inventing new items to use, upgrading old items, and managing your character and your crew’s relationships with other people and groups in the city.

      The basic goal for each character is to reach 40 Coin as that allows them to comfortably retire. You have to balance how much Coin you spend on downtime actions versus how much you save.

      And all these downtime actions are changed up a bit if you use a different Forged in the Dark system.

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