Characters of Cimmeria: Tarigananata

Princess Tarigananata was the heir to the throne of Xoria, but her ascension was ruined by her younger brother, Prince Jevaninada I. Jevaninada convinced the rest of the court that Tarigananta was possessed by a demon and she fled Xoria. Tarigananata worked with General Antapike to reclaim her kingdom during the First Alliance War but failed due to the betrayal of Amalgami. She went into hiding and discovered that Jevaninada’s warnings had been true. The demon emerged and ravaged Xoria’s countryside. Tarigananata wrested control back from the demon and started another resistance movement. This Rebellion contributed to the fall of the Xorian Empire during the Second Alliance War. Tarigananata finally ascended to the throne, but of a kingdom in collapse rather than in its prime.

Princess Tarigananata was born the first child of King Demotinira of Xoria. The kingdom had suffered under a war with the Amazons and Demotinira had turned to history and books to teach himself how to preserve his realm. He passed this philosophy onto his children as well. Tarigananata was well educated and her father ensured she was prepared to succeed him when he died.

The inevitable happened and King Demotinira passed away. Princess Tarigananata would’ve taken the throne, but her younger brother, Prince Jevaninada, intervened. He convinced the courtiers and lords of Xoria to consult the Oracle at Delphi before crowning Tarigananata as Queen of Xoria. The Oracle returned the prophecy that Tarigananata would let a rampaging demon into the land of Cimmeria twenty years after her father’s death. Tarigananata was supposedly executed, but in reality, she escaped with the aid of General Antapike who suspected the prophecy was fabricated. Jevaninada was crowned king and he quickly began conscripting, training, and arming a large army, using Petar as a base.

Princess Tarigananata spent several years traveling with General Antapike. They sought out political alliances everywhere while attempting to keep her identity secret. The Oracle’s prophecy soured many potential allies in their quest to build a coalition to reclaim the Xorian throne. Eventually the duo made contact with Amalgami’s adventuring party. With renewed vigor they formed alliances, gathered capital, and purchased mercenary contracts. This union would later be known as the First Alliance of Cimmeria.

The First Alliance of Cimmeria initiated revolts in Xoria and attacked the outlying cities. Princess Tarigananata led the Jeutontic army to Cecilia for a joint attack with Persian allies. Antapike and the Rage, Mayhem, were killed in the battle for Cecilia. The port city was taken by the Persian allied forces, but they refused to open the city gates to other members of the First Alliance. Amalgami, Atreides, and Salzar teleported to Cecilia and evicted the Persian army. Antapike was resurrected to fight once again.

Unfortunately, Amalgami’s betrayal ruined the First Alliance’s momentum. The deaths of a few prominent Alliance members ruined their hopes for victory, but Tarigananata fought on. Makotako was taken and the Alliance marched on Petar. The Amazons arrived on the field and soundly defeated the Alliance troops. Antapike was slain in the fighting. Princess Tarigananata escaped to wander the world once more. Jevaninada had died in the fighting, but his wife, Queen Anajakaze, acted as regent for their infant son, Jevaninada the Second.

Unfortunately for Princess Tarigananata the prophecy was true. The twenty-year deadline passed and the demon possessing her emerged. She transformed into a monster of fire and shadow. Tarigananata maintained some control. She directed the beast’s violence towards Xorian military convoys and away from civilian settlements. Queen Anajakze sent the Rage, Grave, after the beast in response. Grave found Tarigananata and attempted to slay the demon. He failed and died in the attempt, but he did free Tarigananata’s mind from the demon’s influence. She returned to her human form. The demon remained below the surface, ready to return at a moment’s notice if its host’s will ever slipped.

Tarigananata’s experience during the First Alliance War gave her the confidence to setup a resistance movement within the Xorian Empire. Taking advantage of the males offended by Queen Anajakaze’s feminist rule, Tarigananata started her own rebellion. It grew over time and became a real force during Jevaninada II’s dragovinian rule. Unfortunately, the dragovinian beasts halted most of the rebel activities. They retreated to Bigby’s Forest and continued fighting during the Second Alliance War, even taking control of Gazeara. With the war’s conclusion, Tarigananata was finally able to return home and take the crown that had been denied to her for so long.

Princess Tarigananata, now over eighty years old, reclaimed her throne. Queen Tarigananata fairly redistributed the wealth of Xoria. Food and justice were provided as needed at great expense to the crown. Nox survived and Petar and Cecilia kept their oaths of fealty to Nox. The Xorian Kingdom will continue for now, but Tarigananata has no children. When she passes, the Kingdom may go with her.

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