Cimmeria Project Progress

Hello! You may be wondering what’s been happening with the blog for the past half year. Where are all the beautiful D&D flavored posts that I looked forward to with regularity? Well, the time for answers has come!

I got a new job in October at a start-up that’s been taking up a lot of my time. I’m now working at TurtleTree which is a bio-lab company trying to produce lab-grown cultivated milk. This involves growing mammary tissue from humans or cows and inducing it to form milk ducts and then milk. That’s a very difficult process that will take a lot of time and effort, so in the meantime TurtleTree has a secondary project of producing milk proteins through an established process called precision fermentation. These proteins will be used in baby formula, protein drinks, and other similar products that are designed to promote growth.

I’ve also got two little kids that are awesome to spend time with, but also shrieking balls of energy that are not conducive to the writing process. When I had just my daughter, she was small enough that I could just write with her on my lap while she played with a toy. Now if I start writing both of them will want to “be like Daddy” and bang on my keyboard until it breaks.

Finally, I actually have been doing some work on the blog, but it’s been kind of behind the scenes stuff. I wrote the condensed timeline that I mentioned in my last timeline blog post. Now that I had a whole picture I updated the timeline eras to better reflect the splits in time periods. I used those same splits to separate the Historical NPCs into different sections (the organization of the character section is still under construction though). I updated all the city and character pages to reflect all the progress I’d made in the timeline section. I also revamped the city section to have short descriptions of each city on the overarching pages.

Next up, I’ll be working on more of the Characters of Cimmeria. I’ll leave the characters from that participated in the active campaign alone. For now, I’ll be working on making character pages for the different NPCs that were relevant in Cimmeria’s history. That’s not every single NPC, just the most deserving of posts. It’s still a lot though. My current count is 44 new character posts I want to write. That many new posts might also clog up the Characters of Cimmeria page section, requiring some organizational changes as well.

44 posts is probably about a year of work, so that’s what will be coming on the blog for the foreseeable future!

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