Ten Candles RPG

My friends and I were planning a twenty year reunion for our group last year, but it got delayed due to COVID. Once we were all vaccinated we rescheduled our twenty year reunion to be a twenty-one year reunion! Not all of us could make it, but we got together, hung out all night and into the next morning, ate, drank, and played some games.

We played a lot of games, but the highlight of the night for all of us was the roleplaying game, Ten Candles.

Ten Candles is an improv tragic horror game best played in absolute darkness. Within the space of 3-4 hours you can learn the rules, design your characters, and play them through until their certain doom.

At the helm, guiding the improvisational story, is the Storyteller, just like the DM in D&D. As I had the book and read the rules ahead of time, I took on that guiding role for when me and my friends played.

Ten Candles starts off with character creation. All the players have four character traits written on note cards, a Virtue, a Vice, a Moment, and a Brink.

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