Desires for Dwarven Schism

Next up in my writing about Cimmeria is to describe what the dwarves were up to and what led to the schism between the four dwarven subraces.

First up, what have I already written about the dwarves in Cimmeria?

King Karnafaust left the Conclave – 1102BCE
Founded Fangaroot – 1101BCE
War with Conclave – 1097BCE
War ended with single combat between Karnafaust and Drolofo. Drolofo won. – 1092BCE
Resurrection Pact with Hades made and Karnafaust returned to life – 1091BCE
Cooperation with the Conclave in war with Goblins- 1087BCE to 1084BCE
Karnafaust killed by Kinderax. Fangaroot abandoned. – 1046BCE

My plan was that after the Dragon War there would be a king named Cogard. I already wrote that part in with Toffoun’s After the Dragon War post.

Toffoun makes the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords for King Cogard, an item I copied over from the basic Greyhawk D&D setting to my campaign.

King Cogard’s death would lead to the loss of the Fierce Axe and a succession crisis between his four sons. This crisis would result in the Dwarven Schism.

But that’s after the Dragon War. I’ve got over 150 years of history inbetween that point. I need a bad king before Cogard takes the throne. Continue reading

What next for D&D Mondays?

Yuettencal was the last of the Cities of Cimmeria posts, so what’s next for D&D Mondays?

I’m doing all my Gurutama work slowly on the Gurutama wiki. There will still be infrequent posts about that here but that won’t be my main goal with D&D Mondays.

I’m trying to develop the site into a storage place for my campaigns in Cimmeria. I’ve got a successful campaign log on Order of the Stick Forums. Unfortunately, my presentation of Cimmeria’s¬†background info on the forums is either nonexistent or god-awful.

Instead of trying to improve the presentation there using the limited tools of PHP forums I’ll be presenting background campaign info here. This will help current and future readers of the campaign log as well as my players.

But what remains to be said about Cimmeria?

Three things:
1. Descriptions of NPCs. There are tons of them and with so many floating around its easy to get lost.
2. Descriptions of places on the map that are not towns or cities. What are the Elves of Valor’s Forest like? Who lives in the Dominarie Mountains? What about that Primitive Camp in the bottom right of the map?
3. Descriptions of past events. When I first started my campaign I left the history as a blank slate so it could be filled in later. My players and I have come up with some awesome stuff to fill that space, but the specifics of events and timing hasn’t been ironed out yet.

Since I’m most interested in doing more timeline stuff, so I will be taking on that challenge first.

Future posts on D&D Mondays will be about the timeline, perhaps with the occasional character or place description woven in as suits my preference. These updates will be posted permanently at the top of the website under the Cimmeria tab just like the cities have been.

Looking forward to doing new stuff!


Mister Ed Signature

Woo! I have kept this blog going for a full year now.

Updates have obviously slowed down since I started the blog and as expected, I’m always posting fewer updates than I’d like to do. That was true even when I was on the one every weekday schedule as I occasionally fell behind.

There’s been a lot of variety of posts over the past year. Some stuff on science, some on games, some on everyday life stuff, and some movie reviews.

I also originally had posts on political charged events. While I’m still reading stuff along those lines, I haven’t been writing as much about it.

There’s a few reasons for that. Political stuff tends to offend people and I don’t want to do that. My viewpoint isn’t particularly original. Political stuff in general tends to stress me out. Other stuff like that.

There’s also clearly two groups of people reading the blog that I can tell from the stats page on WordPress. Those who like the social and science posts which are basically about what’s going on in my life. The second group likes the posts on games.

Do I need to focus more to please one of those groups and enlarge it? I don’t think so. My original plan was to have lots of content so that whichever group was reading would have something for them at least once a week. I’ve fallen off the once a week plan and gone towards a once a month plan, but the basic principle is the same.

Over the past year I’ve also been transitioning away from the blanket anonymity I had when I started the blog. My name and picture are present along with what town I live in.

That also means I’ve been transitioning away from the Mister Ed identity, a reference that few people get anymore. I’ve been consolidating a few of my other online identities into one as well.

The new identity is pretty simple. What’s the name of the blog? GoCorral. What should my identity be on the blog? GoCorral. A few other people have already been calling me that online, so I’ll just keep with the trend.

So that’s why I am abandoning the Mister Ed signature from now on in favor of the new signature…