Foot Urinals

Sac State has a lot of things that are different than UC Davis.

Smoking is allowed at Sac State. More of the students drive to campus than bike or take the bus. The professors are encouraged to focus on being successful teachers instead of successful researchers.

The student body is a little more diverse as well. There is more minority representation and more LGBTQ people at Sac State than UC Davis.

One of the weirdest differences is in the Sac State bathrooms.

I’m talking of course, about the urinals.

Behold! Flush by foot!
Behold! Flush by foot!

Davis urinals are almost all automatic. You never need to touch anything. Some of them will even beep at you while you’re peeing prompting some funny bathroom graffiti, “Penis Detected!”

Sac State decided that hand flushing toilets were still too unsanitary, but that automatic ones were too expensive (I guess). Thus, we get the foot flushers.

This has been a little weird, but I managed to not shout out, “What the hell is this?” and thus avoided embarrassing myself in front of the janitor cleaning the bathroom at the time I first saw a foot flusher.

Otherwise the Sac State bathrooms are a dramatic improvement over the Davis bathrooms.

Some of the Davis bathrooms are without any ventilation, resulting in them smelling like a stable. Not surprising considering that its an agriculture school, but going into those bathrooms will always be a hideous experience and I’m glad I don’t have to anymore.

One of the bathrooms at Davis has three urinals in a small corner behind the sit-down stalls. This seems fine until you try to leave one of the back two urinals while someone else is using the front one. There is no polite way to push past someone who is peeing. And I can tell you that waiting for them to finish isn’t any better.

The final advantage that Sac State bathrooms have over Davis is the paper towel dispensers. The Davis dispensers have such a tight grip on their towels that you’ll rarely leave with a towel in one piece. Sac State’s dispensers are much better, dispensing one complete towel everytime I’ve used them. No more, no less.

Isn’t that funny. I go to a school for a Master’s of Science degree and I end up talking about bathrooms.

-Mister Ed

Gurutama Timeline Revising Part 10

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This post contains one of the more brutal actions within the world of Gurutama. The Dwarves commit an act that is morally equivalent to the Holocaust (I hope the comparison of fictional events to the Holocaust doesn’t offend anyone). I was particularly embarrassed by this action because I was the one who came up with it.

We decided to roll with it and it made Gurutama a much more interesting place. Lots of bad juju on my Dwarves though.

The significance of the events also created a great deal of descriptive text over only two years of the Gurutama Timeline. Just like with the birth of Navillus, the writing is good and important, but the purpose of the timeline is to condense information into an easily accessible package. I removed as much as I could while maintaining the informational core. The event will be discussed in greater detail when I get around to describing the races of Gurutama.

297 NA: Dwarven missionaries arrived on Bwolo Isle to talk with the Bwarlor. The dwarves extended the hand of peace to the Bwarlor people, hoping they would accept and unite against the Najar. The Bwarlorans preferred their pirating lifestyle to open warfare. Plus, why go to war when the Merfolk weren’t?

The Dwarves attempted a strong arm debate tactic by linking the Bwarlorans refusal to fight with their past kinship with the Najarans. The Dwarves did not know that such a comparison was the ultimate insult in Bwarloran culture. The pirate lords shaved off the ambassadors’ beards and hair, striped them naked, and then threw them into port-town’s dirty canals. The Dwarves left Bwolo Isle sputtering curses and swearing swift retribution.

At news of the event, the Grez backed out of the alliance against Najar.

298 NA: The Dwarven sages declared that it was time. The war had been building for a great many centuries. The oldest no longer remembered a time before Navillus and the plans to end the Black Prince’s power over this world. The Dwarven machine, set in motion long ago, finally began to grind its gears and move. Two more tasks remained, quelling any coming opposition from the Bwarlor and the Merfolk.

The Dwarves attempted to pacify the Merfolk with bribes purchase with gold from a new rich mine in the Metal Tiers. Lots of supplies were bought and the Dwarves hoped the Merfolk would be happy with their profiteering and stay out of the war.

Dwarven mages and clerics worked the special magicks of the Books to punish the Bwarlor for their sacrilege. A dark cloud descended upon Bwolo Isle. The black mist came lower and lower until the entire island was covered. Then the screaming started. Every firstborn, child or adult, was taken by an unknown force. Invisible hands snatched the people by their ankles. The Bwarlorans’ nails dragged upon the ground as their families watched in horror. The fog lifted and the people were gone, but the curse was two-fold. From then on and for many centuries after, every firstborn child of a Bwarloran woman would be a Dwarf.

The Dwarves formed up their massive armies and sailed forth on Elven ships for the Najar Empire.

-Mister Ed

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