Niloctus is home to 35,000 goblins and 5,000 hobgoblins on the eastern edge of the Hobgoblin Lands. The city has an ancient tradition of independence, being founded before recorded history and remaining unconquered for all that time. Prior to the Goblin War, Niloctus was the only large settlement in the region now known as the Hobgoblin Lands. As refugees streamed in from the wars the people of Niloctus became insular and protectionist, looking down on the goblins who had fled rather than die for their lands and their gods.

Religion was important to the goblinoids of Niloctus and it remains important now. They worship all the old gods of the Goblin Pantheon. To assist their worship, living avatars of each god are cared for within the city. A breeding population of each animal is kept so that the city will never lose one of their gods. This menagerie of animals is dubbed the Sacred Zoo. The citizens and visitors to the city are permitted to walk the grounds and interact with the different animals as appropriate. Sites are set up at each exhibit for offerings to the gods. The Sacred Zoo uses these offerings to fund the upkeep of the animals.

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