The Expansion of Xoria

This era of Cimmerian history is unfinished. I came up with the more recent bits to describe the background for current events in my campaigns. Its unlikely that any of these events will change, but there are certainly more details I can add to some sections.
This section of the timeline also shows how much a group of PC adventurers can impact the ongoing narrative. Events move a lot faster and are more detailed in the years in which I ran a high-level campaign.

470BCE: Willard became King of Aractrash and united the Jungle’s cities into one Kingdom.

459BCE: King Demotinira of Xoria died. Demotinira had named Princess Tarigananata as his successor. Despite this, Prince Jevaninada convinced the courtiers and lords of Xoria to consult the Oracle at Delphi before crowning Tarigananata as Queen of Xoria.

458BCE: The Oracle returned the prophecy that Tarigananata would let a rampaging demon into the land of Cimmeria twenty years after her father’s death. Tarigananata was supposedly executed, but in reality she escaped with General Antapike’s aid.
Jevaninada was crowned Jevaninada the First. General Antapike resigned soon after the coronation. Jevaninada quickly began conscripting, training, and arming a large army, using Petar as a base.

456BCE: Xoria declared a war on Dradelden. The Amazons compensated for their lack of troops with the renowned Amazonian cavalry.

455BCE: Border clashes continued between the Xorians and the Amazons.

454BCE: The Amazons pushed into Xorian territory and threatened Petar. Petar’s new defensive structures and silos allowed it to resist a siege.

452BCE: The siege of Petar finished with a loss for the Amazons. The Amazon Queen Chrilethia was distracted by rumors of vast treasure in the King’s Copse of Nox. She led a troop of Amazons into the forest and was slain by an unknown force. The Amazon army retired to Dradelden to hold the tournament to decide the new Queen.

451BCE: A previously unknown Angelic Amazon won the tournament. Queen Anajakaze took over the Amazon country. Meanwhile, Jevaninada led raids into Amazon territory, pillaging much of it.

450BCE: Jevaninada snuck a troop of soldiers into Dradelden by disguising them as slaves. The Xorian troops opened the gates for the main Xorian army. During the fighting King Jevaninada and Queen Anajakaze went missing. After a night and a day of chaos King and Queen reemerged over the city of Dradelden. They called for a stop to the hostilities. They delivered a joint speech, declaring that a new Empire would be forged with Amazons and Xorians working together. The fighting quickly descended into an orgy, possibly due to magical influence. The King and Queen were married with seven strange warriors in attendance. A rumor circulated that the seven were involved in the absence of the royal couple during the previous battle.

449BCE: A new crop of Amazons was born. Dradelden became a city-state of the Xorian Kingdom.
Despite supply problems for the army, Jevaninada declared war on Colchis.

448BCE: The Colchian fleet mysteriously burned while at sea. Dradelden’s agriculture recovered from the pillaging of the Xorians and the army’s supply lines were greatly improved. Xorian forces pushed into Colchian territory.

447BCE: Xorian forces captured the city of Colchis, but Colchis Castle remained independent. The seven strangers who attended the royal wedding went into the castle. They emerged with King Aeëtes bound under a powerful spell. The seven were given the title of The Seven Rages. Rumors spread that the Seven Rages were responsible for the burning of the Colchian fleet as well.

446BCE: Xoria attacked Makotako. Makotako leadership recalled the burning of the Colchian ships and refused to deploy its fleet. The Makotako troops were forced to give ground without supplies from the sea.

445BCE: Makotako surrendered.

444BCE: Xoria attacked Semanarie. The city did not surrender, but nothing prevented the Xorians from marching into the town center. An insurgency quickly formed.

443BCE: King Jevaninada returned his army to the Xorian countryside to deal with rural peasant revolts. Commissioner Thorn was installed as head of Semanarie.

442BCE: Terroc formed an adventuring party to find various magical treasures that had been buried around Northeastern Cimmeria.

441BCE: Jevaninada attacked Gazeara. The Gazearans repelled his armies with their goat cavalry. Jevaninada was embarrassed and infuriated.

440BCE: Terroc formed a second adventuring party to find magical treasures around Harbinston. They found a Deck of Many Things that Terroc exploited to gain great wealth. He retired from adventuring to Crafterton where he joined the Wayfarer’s Union. Amalgami took over leadership of Terroc’s party, now consisting of Atreides, Salzar, and Junai.
Princess Tarigananata and General Antapike made contact with Amalgami’s adventuring party. They decided to start a rebellion against the aggressive Xorian Empire. The party spent the rest of the year forming alliances, gathering capital, and buying mercenaries for an attack in the spring of 439. This union would later be known as the First Alliance of Cimmeria.
Stevie the Wonder Wagon was born. Junai left the First Alliance for a more stable career in Phoenix. The Seven Rages harassed the adventuring party. Havoc and Ire were slain.

439BCE: The First Alliance of Cimmeria initiated revolts in Xoria and attacked the outlying cities. Colchis and Jeutontic rebelled. Amalgami freed King Aeëtes from his enchantment. The Colchian King led his army to attack Dradelden. Antapike and Tarigananata led the Jeutontic army to Cecilia. Amalgami’s adventurers and the other members of the Alliance led their troops to Makotako. During the Battle of Danar’s River the western bank was taken using forbidden magical warfare. King Jevaninada and The Rage, Protean, were killed. Xoria retaliated by burning the Aractrashan reinforcement fleet.
The battle at Dradelden was interrupted by the Olympian gods and a vampiric dragon known as Blendegad the Reaper. Once the gods and dragon left the field Aeëtes’s army deployed ballistae to counter the Amazon cavalry. The counter measure was not enough and the army attacking Dradelden was pushed back and defeated. King Aeëtes was “slain” in the fighting.
Antapike and the Rage, Mayhem, were killed in the battle for Cecilia. Cecilia was taken by the Persian allied forces, but they refused to open the city gates to other members of the First Alliance. Amalgami, Atreides, and Salzar teleported to Cecilia and evicted the Persian army. Various important people were resurrected.
Atreides had a vision that led him to the Fierce Axe’s hiding place. He slew a giant guarding the weapon and claimed it for the Dwarven race.
An attack on Makotako was planned. Before the troops were sent in, Salzar led a forbidden magical attack on the city from the air. Grave defended the city. King Aeëtes returned to life to assist in the attack. Graves used his magical dagger to capture the souls of Aeëtes and Atreides. Pressure from Salzar and other powerful individuals of the First Alliance forced Grave to retreat from the field of battle. The Alliance celebrated a Pyrrhic victory.
Amalgami, who had slowly become darker and more secretive, suddenly snapped. He killed Leopold, the guild leader of the mercenary clerics he had hired. Amalgami killed Salzar and Salzar’s cohort, Greyski. Amalgami offered the Fierce Axe and a few other artifacts he had collected from the battlefield as well as the corpses of his former allies and the corpse of Jevaninada to Queen Anajakaze. In exchange, Queen Anajakaze pardoned Amalgami.
The Alliance continued to fight. Makotako was taken and the Alliance marched on Petar. The Amazons arrived on the field and defeated the Alliance troops. Duke Prusu, Anigama, Antapike, and Tempest were all slain in the fighting or executed. King Willard of Aractrash and King Archidamus II of Sparta were ransomed back to their countries in shame.
Grave turned the body of Havoc into a vampire and gave him control of the rebellious city, Jeutontic. The shining trade city quickly devolved into a dark vampiric hellhole. To satiate Havoc’s bloodlust, hundreds of slaves were captured from the races of the Underdark that lived beneath Jeutontic.
King Jevaninada II was born to Queen Anajakaze. Anajakaze claimed the regency until the King came of age.
A great beast of fire and shadow came into the land of Xoria. It attacked and burned as
many military convoys as possible. The Queen had wished to take Gazeara, but was unable due to the beast’s attacks. The Queen sent Grave after the beast in response. Grave did not return, but the attacks ceased. Divination magic revealed that Grave was dead and little else. Due to the cessation of attacks it was concluded that the beast and Grave killed each other in an epic battle. The two remaining Rages were Wrath and the Vampire of Havoc.

438BCE: Queen Anajakaze pushed the army to attack Gazeara. Without the leadership and magical powers of Anigama the city fell. Tectoctar was attacked in the same year. The city burned and its citizens were dispersed or enslaved.
Amalgami further sullied the name of the original hero he was named for by
assassinating various dignitaries in the Persian Empire in an attempt to provoke the Persian Emperor.

437BCE: The Xorian Navy attacked Crafterton. Crafterton deployed some of its sophisticated military hardware, but the superior Xorian numbers overcame the magical technology of Crafterton. The Halfling city was assimilated into the Empire. The army marched on Sheerzen as well. Sheerzen surrendered at the sight of the Xorian army.

436BCE: The Xorian Empire was restructured to the advantage of women. Male lords of the various Xorian cities were replaced with women. The Queen dissolved most of the Xorian army and allowed her Amazons to keep the peace.

435BCE: Slaves from Jeutontic spread throughout the Xorian Empire to work the fields and mines. Peace and prosperity spread across most of the Empire, especially for female citizens.

433BCE: A Xorian colony named Jevanicia was established at the edge of Danar’s Swamp. The settlement worked a quarry in the Terror Mountains. The rock was used to build towers, walls, roads, and castles throughout Xoria.
King Ballard ascended the throne after his father, King Willard of Aractrash, died.

430BCE: Frustrated with the reforms benefiting women, a group of men rose in revolt in Nox. The revolt quickly spread to other cities. Anajakaze conscripted women from throughout the Empire to deal with the problem.

429BCE: The Masculine Revolt of Xoria was put down. Rumors of the Rebellion continuing in Bigby’s Forest circulated regardless of Anajakaze’s attempts to squelch them.

427BCE: A search of Bigby’s Forest revealed nothing. The Queen ordered the forest burned. The spirits of the forest emerged and defended the forest from the flames of the Amazons. The flames turned upon the people who had lit them. The forest survived and the Amazons suffered many casualties.

424BCE: A large slave rebellion in Petar was put down by the Xorian army.

421BCE: King Jevaninada II came of age, but Queen Anajakaze refused to surrender the Regency.